46th Orchestral Season

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Trail of the Blue Dragon

2022 China National Arts Fund Stage Art Creation Fund Project

Date and Time
4/11/2022 (Fri) 8:00pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$450, $350, $300, $250
Yan Huichang
Performed by
Composer: Chan Ming-chi
China Welfare Lottery and China Sports Lottery Public Welfare Fund
This monumental work is in seven movements which attempt to capture the geographical and cultural characteristics of the Greater Bay Area of China in music. The speech rhythms of the local dialects - Cantonese, Chiu Chow, Hakka, and foreign languages – and the musical characteristics of instruments of South China are brought together to offer a panoramic vision of the flourishing developments of the constituent Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao areas. The artistic format can be likened to that of a Chinese painting scroll, and the content reflects a life’s journey.
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