Omni-directional promotion of
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Omni-directional promotion of
Chinese education

Hong Kong Youth Zheng Ensemble

TheHong Kong Youth Zheng Ensemble is guided by Ms Choi Ngar Si, Education Executive of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, whose technical training and careful choice of repertoire and versions of the scores enable the young players to accurately grasp the mood and style of different types of music. 
The Ensemble has been offering valuable opportunities for young zheng players of Hong Kong to share their experience and to receive training. Unlike the more common way of learning through self-practice alone, the members can enjoy the beauty of the art form and hone ensemble playing skills with like-minded zheng enthusiasts under the tutelage of seasoned instructors. Such training also enhances teamwork and cooperation, which are conducive to their development on the whole.

Training and learning aside, members of the Ensemble enjoy opportunities to participate in different types of concert environments, such as the ‘Chinese Music Fun! Fun! Fun!’ gala organized by the HKCO, the Fourth International Chinese Costume Festival cum the Sixth Confucius Carnival at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza, the Haw Par Summer Fest 2015 at the Diocesan Boys’ School Yip Kit Chuen Concert Hall, and the Cultural Show in Celebration of the 67th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China cum 25th Anniversary of the Kowloon East Association Ltd. held at the Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre in 2016. In the same year, ex-members joined current members to perform with Ms Choi Ngar Si in the concert, ‘Musicmaking Is Fun with the HKJCO’. During the Hong Kong International Youth Chinese Music Festival in 2017, the Ensemble enjoyed the opportunity to share their performing techniques with other groups, give outreach performances in various districts of Hong Kong, and to feel the warm response from the audiences. In 2019, the Ensemble participated in the ‘Let's Fun@HKCC’ fun day commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, organized by the HKCC. The occasion not only offered the young members the practical experience of performing on stage but also the gratification of making music together.

蔡雅絲(香港中樂團教育主任 | 香港青少年箏團導師)



Recruiting the members of 2022-2023

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*Application deadline: 8/8/2022 (Mon)


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For enquiries, please contact Department of Education, HKCO.
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