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Orchestra Members
Chew Hee-chiat
Resident Conductor
Chew Hee Chiat
Chew Hee-chiat

Resident Conductor of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. In 2011-2018, Chew gave lectures for the HKAPA on Chinese orchestral conducting. In May 2010, he conducted the world premiere of four works by Hong Kong composers at the outdoor mass concert, ‘Cadenzas of Hong Kong’. In May 2008, Chew led the Orchestra’s young artists in a concert ‘Rising Stars of HKCO‘ which highlighted the young and energetic side of the Orchestra and put it in a refreshingly new light. In 2009, when the HKCO became a partner of the YouTube Symphony, Chew won rave response for his arrangement of Tan Dun’s Internet Symphony - Eroica for Chinese orchestra. Other notable occasions include the Opening Rally of the Hong Kong Dizi and Xiao Festival in 2005, in which more than 500 players performed his work, A Celebration of Dizi, under his baton, and the event achieved a new Guinness Book of Records as having the largest number of people playing the dizi at the same time. He was widely acclaimed when he guest conducted the Singapore Chinese Orchestra in the concert, ‘A Nanyang Musical Voyage II’, in March 2004.

Conducting aside, Chew is a renowned and award-winning composer as well. His works have characteristic features that demonstrate his Southeast Asian cultural heritage. He was second runner-up in the International Competition for Chinese Orchestral Compositions 2000 (HK) and winner of the Outstanding Composition Award in the Chinese Music Competition 2002 organized by the Council for Cultural Affairs in Taiwan. Chew received lessons in composition from Saw Boon Kiat of Malaysia and renowned composer Qian Zhaoxi of China before he went to the United States where he graduated from the Southeast Missouri State University with a double bachelor’s degree in cello performance and computer science in 1994. He went on to read a postgraduate course at the University of South Carolina, and was awarded a Master of Music degree in orchestral conducting in 1996. On returning home to Malaysia, he began his career in Chinese music conducting, and was the Music Director of the Professional Cultural Center Orchestra (PCCO) of Malaysia. 

Chew plays an active and diverse role that covers conducting, arrangement and instrumentation for its numerous concerts since he joined the Orchestra in June 2002. His involvement in the education and development work of the HKCO began when he became the conductor of the Hong Kong Junior Chinese Orchestra in 2003. Since then, he has also hosted many bilingual workshops to introduce Chinese music and Chinese instruments to audiences in Hong Kong and other parts of the world.

Yuen Shi Chun
Research Fellow, Research and Development Department
Research & Development Officer (Musical Instrument)
Yuen Shi Chun
Yuen Shi Chun was born into a family of architects in Hong Kong, having studied civil engineering himself. He joined the newly formed Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in 1974 and was appointed Liuqin Principal. He has been the Research and Development Officer (Musical Instrument) ever since the position was created in 2003.

Yuen is currently also serving as an executive member of the China Nationalities Orchestra Society, Vice President of the China Society for the Management and Research on Scientific & Technological Achievements – Cultural Chapter, and a consultant to many manufacturers of musical instruments in China and other parts of the world. In 1993, he was made a member of the Expert Group on the Improvement of Musical Instruments under the Ministry of Culture, and sat on the Adjudication Committee for Technology Advancement Award. He was presented the Award for Arts Achievement (Music) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2003.

For the past two decades, Yuen has performed in more than 2,500 concerts of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. In his spare time, he has been conducting a self-financed project dedicated to the design, research and making of Chinese instruments. Instruments revived or improved under his hand number more than twenty, such as the Tang-style ruanxian, the quxiang (crooked-neck) pipa, the wuxian (five-string) pipa, the Qing-style pipa and the Qinqin. The modified models of liuqin with double resonators and ruanxian that he modified and improved won a Class Two Technology Advancement Award (1992 and 1996), and his ruanxian series won a National Class Three Technology Advancement Award (1998) from the Ministry of Culture of China. The Eco-huqin Series that he first developed in 2005 has since turned out new models of the gaohu, erhu, zhonghu, gehu and bass gehu that have been adopted by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. Through reviving ancient instruments and improving modern instruments, Yuen has opened up new horizons in academic research and in the performing arts, therefore casting influence on the international music scene and academic sectors.
Zhang Chongxue
Zhang ChongxueZhang Chongxue is currently the Concertmaster of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and a member of the Chinese Musicians’ Association. She graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2006 and joined the HKCO the same year. Zhang is currently a part-time lecturer at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the Hong Kong Institute of Education.

Zhang has performed solo in many concerts, including the ‘Eternal Love’ concert (2013) , ‘The Magical Music of Zhao Jiping’ and ‘Xia Feiyun Conducts Chinese Music Favourites’ concert (2014), and two solo huqin recitals in 2010 – one as part of the ‘HKCO4U’ series, and
the other, for the Wang Kwong Chinese Orchestra (2010). In the 2015 concert ‘Formosa Fantasia’, she gave a stunning performance of Fire Ritual on the Eco-Huqin series of gaohu, erhu and zhonghu. In August 2016, at the invitation of the Music Office, she gave a solo performance at the Hong Kong Youth Music Camp under the baton of the famous conductor, Liu Sha. In December of the same year, she won critical acclaim with her eco-zhonghu solo version of The Indomitable Su Wu. In 2017, she won the hearts of the audiences at the HKCO’s touring concerts in Russia, including concerts in St. Petersburg and the X Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi, as well as the Korea Tongyeong International Music Festival with her solo interpretations of many classics on the huqin.

Yim Hok Man
Associate Director of The HKCO Orchestral Academy
Yim Hok Man

Yim Hok Man is a renowned percussionist with more than sixty years of performing experience. He is Associate Director of The HKCO Orchestral Academy. He was a percussionist with the Central Philharmonic Orchestra for twenty-two years before he joined the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in 1984. He is also Vice President of the Percussion Society under the auspices of the Chinese Musicians’ Association, a visiting professor at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, the China Conservatory of Music and the Shenyang Conservatory of Music. He also teaches at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, and The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Musicians trained by him can be found in various parts of the world. For more than half a century, Yim has made substantial contribution to percussion music in both China and Hong Kong. He has consummate knowledge in a comprehensive range of Chinese and Western percussion music, from performance to teaching, music composition, and research. His performing experience and repertoire, his efforts in carrying on traditions, assimilating cultures of the East and the West, as well as attention to development and innovation in percussive art demonstrate his artistic virtuosity and solid cultural insights. He has gone on touring performances to dozens of cities on four continents of the world, and has received unanimous acclaim from audiences, music critics, and the media alike. 

Yim’s solo album Master of Chinese Percussion – Yim Hok-man (1) is regarded as a quintessential representation of the art of percussion, and is released worldwide. It has become the benchmark for the testing of amplifiers and the functioning of sound equipment as adopted by audiophiles and audio manufacturers. It also won the recommendation of a U.S. audio magazine as an outstanding masterpiece by one of the world’s five greatest percussionists. 

On the celebration of the 60th National Day of the People’s Republic of China in 2009, Yim was honoured by the Guangzhou Daily as one of the “Top Artists from China since 1949”. In recognition of his distinguished contribution, he was presented with a Commendation Certificate by the Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government in 2005. He was awarded ‘Artist of the Year’ by the Hong Kong Artists’ Guild in 1999.

The HKCO members are listed in Chinese stroke order.
The string section utilizes revolving seating on a systematic basis.
Musicians (except Principals and Assistant Principals) change seats systemically.

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