46th Orchestral Season

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Date and Time
7/12/2022 (Wed) 7:00pm
Prison Yard
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Performed by
Erhu: Zhang Chongxue
Erhu: Xu Hui
Zhonghu: Mao Qinghua
Gaohu: Wong Sum Ho
Zhonghu: Han Jingna
Gehu: Tung Hiu Lo
Bass Gehu: Qi Hongwei
Yangqin: Lee Meng-hsueh
Pipa: Zhang Ying
Zhongruan/Xiaoruan: Ng Kai Hei
Zheng: Fu Zifei

The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra traverses ancient and modern music through the evocative sound of Chinese stringed instruments. Over the course of this fascinating concert, some of Hong Kong’s finest instrumentalists draw the listener into the intimacy of their solo instruments before expanding to embrace the sweep of the larger ensemble, contrasting the poetic introspection of the soloist with the exuberant joy of the group, against the backdrop of Tai Kwun’s imposing Prison Wall.

Drawing on classics of Chinese traditional music and finding inspiration in nature and the moon, this concert gathers momentum as it heads towards its life-affirming climax when Hong Kong composer Ng Cheuk-yin’s Growth Ring commemorates the steps engraved as we overcome every one of life’s challenges.

String Quintet   A Joyful Evening            Hu Dengtiao
String Quintet   Three Variations on Yangguan Ancient Melody
String Quintet   Xiao-Ban         Xu Jianqiang
Huqin Quartet   Red Candles                           Ng King Pan   
Erhu Solo   Birdsong in the Mountain                 Liu Tianhua

Pipa and Zheng   Moonlight over the Spring River              Ancient Melody

Huqin Quartet   Leslie Cheung Forever                Tan Kah Yong

Huqin Ensemble   Reflection of the Moon on the Water                     Hua Yanjun

Huqin Septet     Growth Ring                     Ng Cheuk-yin