44th Orchestral Season

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Hong Kong Week 2021@ Guangzhou - Spring River and Ambush

Date and Time
23/5/2021 (Sun) 7:30 pm
Streaming Platform: Tencent Art
Ticket Fee
¥25 (Early Bird ¥18 until 23/5)
Yan Huichang
Concert Duration: Approximately 1 hour 20 minutes
Available for 3 months from the release date and can be viewed unlimitedly for 1 month after purchase.
Video is only available in Mainland China.

A musical feast of beloved classics

An impassioned journey through time under the baton of Yan Huichang, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor for Life, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra presents five classic compositions that light up the stage in a melodic unfolding and a musical feast.  Song of the General opens the performance with lively scenes that embody the vibrancy of traditional Chinese opera.  Moonlight on the Spring River evokes glorious moments and poetic scenery that unlock the audience’s senses, leading them into a realm of sprightly images in The Insect World, the modern classic by Doming Lam, performed with recitation by the three Lung siblings, grandchildren of Lam.  The HKCO Concertmaster Zhang Chongxue performs The Butterfly Lovers that pulls at the audience’s heartstrings, while Ambush from All Sides brings the concert to an intensely evocative close.  The programme of beautiful tunes and familiar folk music spans Eastern and Western musical styles from different eras, as it spotlights the HKCO as a pioneer in both innovating and passing on the artistic legacy of Chinese music.


Song of the General Ancient Melody Arr. by Peng Xiuwen

Moonlight on the Spring River Ancient Melody Arr. by Peng Xiuwen

The Insect World Doming Lam

1. The Busy Bees 

2. The Dragonflies 

3. The Silk Worms 

4. The Butterflies 

5. The Insect World

Recitation by: Ambrose Lung, Berenice Lung, Callum Lung

Gaohu Concerto

The Butterfly Lovers He Zhanhao and Chen Gang Arr. by Ng Tai Kong
Eco-Gaohu: Zhang Chongxue

Gehu, Pipa, Sheng, Zhongruan and Orchestra

Ambush from All Sides Ancient Melody Arr. by Li Cangsang and China Magpie Arr. and Orch. for Chinese Orchestra by Chew Hee Chiat
Eco-Gehu: Tung Hiu Lo 

Pipa: Zhang Ying 

Sheng: Lu Yi 

Zhongruan: Fung Yin Lam

Co-presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Xinghai Concert Hall