46th Orchestral Season

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HKCO4U – The Jade Rabbit Soaring in the Sky

Date and Time
7/1/2023 (Sat) 8:00pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre
Ticket Fee
$300, $250
Artistic Advisor
Luk Kin Bun
Performed by
Programme Coordinators, Percussion: Lee Tsz Yan, Chan Lut Ting
Ensemble Concert
As we ring in the Year of the Rabbit, two young percussionists of the HKCO – Lee Tsz Yan and Chan Lut Ting, both graduates of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, will show off their bravura skills in modern, seamlessly hybrid interpretations of traditional Chinese music and Western percussion music. Here are our best wishes for a prosperous year ahead!
Wind and Percussion La-gua (Chit-chat)  Shandong Folk Music Arr. by Liu Bingchen

Percussion Solo Integrated Elements No.2 -Not A Haiku (excerpts) Robert McClure (Hong Kong Premiere)

Percussion: Lee Tsz Yan

Chinese Percussion Combo Solo Mulan Zhao Sizhi (Hong Kong Premiere)
Chinese Percussion: Chan Lut Ting

Marimba and Percussion The Last Dance Kato Daiki
Marimba: Lee Tsz Yan  Percussion: Chan Lut Ting

Percussion Ensemble The Romping Golden Pheasants Daliuzi of the Tujia Ethnic Minority Group Arr. by Tian Longxin Compiled by Li Zhengui 

Xylophone and Orchestra The Maidens of Xinjiang Folk Music of Xinjiang Arr. Li Ka-wa
Xylophone: Lee Tsz Yan 

Chaozhou Gong-and-Drum Festivity of the Rural Communities Chan Joh-fai and Yu Yik-man
Percussion: Chan Lut Ting