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He Zhanhao & the HKCO - The Butterfly Lovers @ 65

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Date and Time
27-28/10/2023 (Fri, Sat) 8:00pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$400, $350, $300, $250
He Zhanhao, Yan Huichang
Performed by
Zheng: Su Chang
Eco-Gaohu: Zhang Chongxue
It has been 65 years since the violin concerto Butterfly Lovers came onto the music scene. In celebration, the HKCO has invited one of the co-composers, 90-year-old He Zhanhao, to perform in Hong Kong. He was the mentor of HKCO’s Artistic Director, Yan Huichang. Yan will conduct the first half of the concert, while He will take the stage to performin the second half. The finale is none other than the gaohu concerto Butterfly Lovers, performed by HKCO’s guest concertmaster Zhang Chongxue, under the baton of He.
Life on the Plateaux He Zhanhao
The first movement: Mountain View from a Yi Village
The second movement: Love between the Door and the Walls
The third movement: Love of the Lusheng
The fourth movement: The Singing Contest

Zheng and Orchestra Sad Memories of Lin’an He Zhanhao
Zheng: Su Chang

Dance Music of the Hu Nationality
 He Zhanhao

The Horse Race He Zhanhao & Wang Lingkang Arr. by He Zhanhao 

Gaohu Concerto The Butterfly Lovers He Zhanhao & Chen Gang Arr. by He Zhanhao

Eco-Gaohu: Zhang Chongxue

The concert runs approximately 75 minutes with a 15-minute intermission.

【Open Rehearsal】

Date:27/10/2023 (Fri)


Location:Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall

Capacity:100 (FULL)

Free of charge

【Pre-Concert Talk】

Date:28/10/2023 (Sat)


Location:Lobby, 4/F, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Capacity:100 (FULL)

Free of charge

Inquiry:WhatsApp 9060 9967