47th Orchestral Season

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Tribute to Maestros

The Insect World

Sponsor: SUPREME 5G

Date and Time
6/4/2024 (Sat) 8:00pm
Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$400, $350, $300, $250
Yan Huichang
Performed by
Piano: Johnny Yim
Shakuhachi: Sun Yongzhi
Recitation by: Ambrose Lung, Berenice Lung, Callum Lung
Maestro Doming Lam was dubbed “the father of modern music in Hong Kong”. His works have carved a new vision for composers in the city. In this tribute to the late maestro, the HKCO has selected three works it commissioned and premiered, which embody his creative direction, viz. in his own words, “asserting one’s roots from the past, while breaking new ground through the avant-garde.” These works actively integrate the ensemble of traditional Chinese instruments into modern and symphonic contexts. Wherever his works are performed, they are welcomed by music enthusiasts and admired by younger composers.

Wind and Percussion Ensemble Greetings Fanfare (2004) Doming Lam

Ensemble A Silent Prayer (1981) Doming Lam

Shakuhachi and Orchestra Haru no Umi (1990) Miyagi Michio Orch. by Doming Lam
Shakuhachi: Sun Yongzhi

Autumn Execution (1978)  Doming Lam
Movement 1: A corrupt official arrives - he tyrannizes over the people and pays no heed to justice.
Movement 2: The pious daughter-in-law is sentenced to death at court.
Movement 3: Cries of injustice that shake Heaven and Earth.
Movement 4: A tearful farewell as the past is fondly revisited.
Movement 5: To the execution ground, and in the heat of summer, snow falls.

Piano and Orchestra New Rendition of Ancient Melody - Moonlight Over the Spring River (1971) Transcribed by Doming Lam
Piano: Johnny Yim

The Insect World (1979) Doming Lam     
1. The Busy Bees
2. The Dragonflies
3. The Silk Worms
4. The Butterflies
5. The Insect World
Recitation: Ambrose Lung, Berenice Lung, Callum Lung

The concert runs approximately 70 minutes with a 15-minutes intermission.