Wong Chi-ching

Wong Chi-ching (7/10)

Wong Chi-ching joined the China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra in 1976, and between 1987 and 2013, she was with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. She founded the Wuji Ensemble and Wuxing Virtuosi in 2003, and is currently the Music Director of the former.

Over the years, Wong has performed frequently as pipa soloist and with various renowned international orchestras. Some of her notable performances include performing When Mountains Roar with the Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields (1997); the mulit-media solo recital, Pipa Images, as part of the programme of the Hong Kong Arts Festival (2000); with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta at Saint-Riquier Festival in France (2001); A Thousand Sweeps with Japan's Kyushu Symphony Orchestra (2003); repeat performances of Flowing Fancieswith the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (2003 and 2004); with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in 'HKCO Virtuosi – Wong Chi-ching' (2007); the UK Tour (2008); and 'Wong Chi-ching Solo Recital' as part of the Formosa Series presented by the Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra of Taipei (2010).

In 2009, she recorded with the Wuji Ensemble The Impression of Wuji Ensemble, which was released under the Hugo Productions label. In 2011, the HKCO presented Wong in the solo concert, 'Flowing Fancies: The Magic of Chinese Calligraphy as Interpreted by the Pipa'. The same year, Hugo Records released two of her solo albums – Pipa Wuqu and Pipa Wenqu, which demonstrate her versatility in interpreting the lyrical and robust styles of pipa techniques. In 2013, she conducted a monthly concert of soulful music series at the Companion Theatre in Beijing in a drive to launch Chinese music culture into the direction of atmpospheric musical theatre. Wong performed in two solo recitals entitled 'When Petals Fall in Serenity' presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, and won glowing reviews. Between 2012 and 2014, Wong led the Wuji Ensemble in the widely acclaimed two-year project, 'Images of Dunhuang', which was a series of concerts and talks. In 2014, she was the Music Director and soloist at the atmospheric music theatre by composer Law Wing-fai, 'When Petals Fall in Serenity', as part of the programme celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. This led to a re-run at the 'Hong Kong Week in Taipei' in September, 2015. She appeared in Wuji’s 'Blank – Leaving' concert in 2015, and continues to curate the group's programme for the 'Atmospheric Music Theatre' project for the following three years.