Chiu Chieh-an 

Chiu Chieh-an is a xiaoruan virtuoso with the Hong Kong Chinese Orhcestra. Formerly known as Chiu Yu-shan, is a native of Changhua in Taiwan, she began learning the liuqin and zhongruan under Wang Chi-Yi at a young age. Later, she has made many visits to Zhuhai in China to receive coaching in liuqin under the famous Chinese music virtuoso and inventor of the liuqin, Wang Huiran. During her studies, she also received coaching from several virtuosi such as Feng Shaoxian, Liu Xing, Wang Hongyi, Lan Hung-Wen and Ku Feng-Yu. She later graduated from the NTUA majoring in liuqin at the Chinese Music Department, under the tutelage of Liu Tzu-Ching. Between 2004 and 2012, Chiu was a consecutive first-prize winner in liuqin and zhongruan in the Taiwan Music Competitions. In 2010, she won first place with merit at the Taiwan Music Competition - High School Category Group A for Liuqin, and was invited to appear on the Education Radio in Taiwan for an exclusive interview.

Recent perfromances include: in November 2018, she performed a liuqin concerto, The Courtyard after the Rain, with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall. In April 2015, she first performed the solo in the concerto, The Great Northern Wilderness Rhapsody, at the NTCH Concert Hall before giving a solo recital at the NTUA Performing Arts Center. In May 2014, she performed a solo piece, Dance of the Goblins, at the Recital Hall of the NTCH, Taipei. It was followed by her solo performance of Theme from Carmen Fantasia at the Yuanlin Performance Hall in Changhua County in August the same year. In November 2013, she gave a solo recital at the NTUA Performing Arts Center. In December 2012, she performed the concerto, Celebrations of the Bizika, with the Taipei Chinese Orchestra Youth Orchestra at the Zhongshan Hall in Taipei city. In August 2010, she gave a liuqin and zhongruan recital at the Recital Hall of the Daxia Building, Jianguo Campus of the School of Continuing Education of Chinese Culture University. In 2008, she gave her first ever solo recital at the Yuanlin Performance Hall in Changhua County, which was also a charity concert in aid of the underprivileged and children from single-parent families.