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When The Four Forms Become One (Cancelled)

Date and Time
22/1/2022 (Sat) 8:00 pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre
Ticket Fee
$280, $220
Performed by
Percussion: Luk Kin Bun, Leung Ching Kit*, Chan Vic*, Tam Sylvia*
Ensemble Concert
Artistic Advisor: Yim Hok Man
Programme Coordinator: Luk Kin Bun

*With kind permission of Refiner Drums

In view of the ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus, for the health and safety of our participating artists, audiences and colleagues, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra announces that its ‘When The Four Forms Become One’ Concert originally scheduled to be held on 22 January 2022 has been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. 

Ticket(s) holders can choose the following arrangement, complete and return the form to the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra on or before 22 February 2022.

A. Apply for a full refund (of the face value of the ticket, by cheque or cash) ; or

B. Donate to the ‘Music for Love’ Scheme

(Download Refund / Donation Form)

Thank you again for your support!

Inquiries: 3185 1600 / inquiries@hkco.org

Luk Kin Bun, HKCO Principal Percussion has devised a concert featuring solo, duet and ensemble performances that would showcase the richly varied timbre and unique expressiveness of percussion music.


Drum Ensemble One Hundred Years of Solitude Chau Chin-tung
Percussion: Refiner Drums, Luk Kin Bun, Liao Yi-ping, Chan Lut Ting, Lui Tin Yau

Timpani Solo Selection of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra: Compulsory piece No.5 in Timpani (Commissioned by the HKCO / Premiere) Chow Hee Chiat
Timpani: Luk Kin Bun

Dizi, Guan, Zheng and Percussion Quartet The Sound of Water Echoing in a Valley  Zhou Long 
Dizi: Chan Chi Yuk 

Guan: Ma Wai Him
Zheng: Lau Wai Yan 

Percussion: Luk Kin Bun

Marimba Solo 

Selection of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra: Compulsory piece No.5 in Marimba (Commissioned by the HKCO / Premiere) Simon Kong Su-leong
Marimba: Luk Kin Bun

Yunluo and Ruan Tears of Time Arr. by JunYi Chow after his original composition 

(Arrangement commissioned by the HKCO / Premiere)
Yunluo: Luk Kin Bun 

Daruan: Lau Yuek-lam

Percussion Ensemble When The Four Forms Become One Luk Kin Bun
Lead Percussion: Luk Kin Bun

Trio Drama –  for 3 Pairs of Cymbals and Players’ Voices (Op. 23)(Excerpts)  Guo Wenjing

Percussion: Luk Kin Bun, Liao Yi-ping, Chan Lut Ting

Percussion Quintet Shan Hai Jing (Excerpts)  Guo Wenjing
Percussion: HKCO Percussion Group

Bianzhong and Percussion Group Three Variations on a Plum Blossom Melody Ancient Tune Arr. by Wong Hok-yeung (Arrangement commissioned by the HKCO / Premiere)
Bianzhong: Luk Kin Bun 
Percussion: HKCO Percussion Group

Percussion Music Harvesting in Autumn Arr. by Liu Hanlin and Su Anguo
Lead Paigu: Luk Kin Bun