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Journey through China with Music

Tunes of Tianjin and Northern China

Date and Time
27/4/2024 (Sat) 8:00pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$380, $300, $250, $200
Rupert Woo Pak Tuen
Performed by
Suona: Wang Zhanzhan
Percussion: Gao Chao, Gao Yue
Tianjin is known as the "Home of Song Art", and boasts a rich history as well as a longstanding cultural background. This concert focuses on showcasing the unique cultural and artistic aspects of Tianjin in northern China. The programme is made up of various folk elements, such as Chinese New Year paintings, folklore, folk song classics, Tianjin local customs, Peking Opera, and folk songs from the northern region. Wang Zhanzhan on the faculty of the Tianjin Conservatory of Music, Gao Chao and Gao Yue of the middle school affiliated to the Conservatory have been invited to guest perform on the occasion to complement the ‘Tianjin’ touch.

Eight Steeds Chan Wing-wah

Stories from the Land of Ancient Yan and Zhao  (from Chinese Sights and Sounds - 24 Chinese Orchestral Pieces on Folk Song Themes) Bao Yuankai

1. Little Cabbage

2. The Little Cowherd

3. Jasmine Flower

4. Antiphonal Flower Song

Percussion Concerto Taste of Tianjin  Wang Danhong

Percussion: Gao Chao, Gao Yue

The Red Flower of Dazhai Blossoms Everywhere  Xu Jingqing  Adapted collectively by Tianjin National Orchestra

Suona Concerto Farewell My Concubine Zhu Yi Arr. by He Shaoying

Suona: Wang Zhanzhan

Continuous Prosperity Liu Xijin

The concert runs approximately 85 minutes with a 15-minute intermission.

【Open Rehearsal】

Date:27/4/2024 (Sat)


Venue:Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall

Capacity:100 (First-come-first-serve)

Free of charge



Inquiry:WhatsApp 9060 9967

【Backstage Tour】

Date:27/4/2024 (Sat)


Venue:Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall

Capacity:30 (First-come-first-serve)

Free of Charge



Inquiry:WhatsApp 9060 9967