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One Hundred Chinese Music Classics Select V – Encore and The Seventh Fairy Maiden (Cancelled)

Date and Time
7-8/1/2022 (Fri, Sat) 8:00 pm
Sha Tin Town Hall Auditorium
Ticket Fee
$350, $280, $220, $170
Yan Huichang
Performed by
Eco-Erhu:Xu Hui
Eco-Gehu:Lo Chun Wo
Narrator:Yat Po Singers (Raoul Chan, Ronald Tsang)

According to the announcement of the latest disease prevention measures by the Government, performance venues of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (including Sha Tin Town Hall Auditorium) will be temporarily closed from 7 January 2022. ‘One Hundred Chinese Music Classics Select V – Encore and The Seventh Fairy Maiden’ Concert, originally scheduled on 7-8 January 2022 at Sha Tin Town Hall Auditorium Hall has been cancelled. Ticket(s) holders can choose the following arrangement, complete and return the form to the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra on or before 7 February 2022.

A. Apply for a full refund (of the face value of the ticket, by cheque or cash) ; or

B. Donate to the ‘Music for Love’ Scheme

Download refund / donation form

Inquiries: 3185 1600 / inquiries@hkco.org

The programme of this concert is made up of some of the finest short tunes and perennial favourites for ardent music fans. They include Cantonese Tunes Medley, To the Spring Fair, Festival in a Mountain Village and Horse Racing on a Festival. Also on the list are the classic double concerto The Seventh Fairy Maiden Fantasia, The Herbalist’s Cabinet, and two pieces depicting the exotic scenes of the “Western Region” of ancient China: The Silk Road and Huteng Dance Music. Enjoy as we look back at Chinese music composed in the 20th century!


Cantonese Tunes Medley   Traditional Short Pieces   Arr. by Qiu Yongji Orch. by Peng Jiguang and Qiu Yongji    

To the Spring Fair   Zhou Yuguo and Lei Guangyao     

A Mountain Village Festival   Liu Wen-jin       

Dance Music of the Hu Nationality   He Zhanhao       

The Horse Race   He Zhanhao and Wang Lingkang Arr. by He Zhanhao

The Herbalist’s Cabinet   Ng Cheuk-yin

Narrator: Yat Po Singers (Raoul Chan, Ronald Tsang)

Double Concerto for Erhu and Gehu   The Seventh Fairy Maiden Fantasia   Wu Hua        

First Movement: Descending to the Mortal World - andante espressivo and allegro con allegrezza 

Second Movement: Returning Home - allegretto scherzando  

Third Movement: A Tearful Farewell - sorrowful yaoban and presto 

Eco-Erhu: Xu Hui  

Eco-Gehu: Lo Chun Wo

The Silk Road   Jiang Ying