47th Orchestral Season

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Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Debut Malaysia Tour 2024—Classic Series (Penang)

Date and Time
7/8/2024 8:30pm
Dewan Sri Pinang
Ticket Fee
MYR88, MYR138, MYR228, MYR308, MYR368, MYR428
Chew Hee Chiat
Performed by
Sanxian: Zhao Taisheng
Supported by: Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Jakarta

Special Discount: 5% off early bird discount on or before 17/3/2024
The Chorale of Spring Ng King-pan        

Essence (The sixth movement from Ji) Ng Cheuk-yin

Jing‧Qi‧Shen Chan Ming-chi

Sanxian, Narrative Singing and Orchestra Song of the Black Earth Sui Lijun Lyrics by Shang Cunbao
Sanxian: Zhao Taisheng

Kampung and the City Chow Jun Yi

Follow the Pagoda Tree to Trace the Roots of Our Ancestors Zhao Jiping        

The Yellow River Capriccio Cheng Dazhao