46th Orchestral Season

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Hong Kong Arts Festival – The Stage Door on Mars

Date and Time
17/3/2023 (Fri) 8:00pm
18/3/2023 (Sat) 3:00pm
Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$450, $350, $300, $250
Yan Huichang
Performed by
Artistic Director and Conductor: Yan Huichang
Composer, Arranger and Conceptualisation: Ng King-pan
Creative Director (Scenography): Carmen Cheng
Technical Director and Lighting Design: Mak Kwok-fai
Vocal Performance of Cantonese Operatic Arias: Man Wah and Leung Fei-tung
Percussion Leader: Wong Yat-yin
The stage is set in a futuristic venue on Mars, in 2057, as the HKCO is making its debut there. Cantonese Opera music is chosen to mark the occasion, as the genre is considered the most representative of the DNA in Cantonese culture. The latest stage technology will take the audience back in time to revisit the various music events over the past 100 years through riveting virtual reality.

2047 – The Glass Concert Hall in the Chinese Space Station on the moon, also the 90th anniversary of the premiere of Princess Changping -

Death of the Princess on the Moon from Princess Changping (excerpts from Autumn Meditation in the Boudoir from Song of the Frontier)

Lead Eco-Gehu: Tung Hiu Lo

1962 – The Inauguration of the Hong Kong City Hall - Opening Ceremony and premiere of a new Cantonese Opera production, Romance of the Phoenix Chamber

Romance of the Moulin Rouge (excerpts from Song of a Barbaric Land)

Lead Suona: Ma Wai Him

1977 – The 2nd Festival of Asian Arts Opening Concert and Inaugural Concert of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra at the Hong Kong City Hall – 

Cantonese Tune Medley    Arr. by Chang Wing-shou

1977 – Bamboo Theatre of Shek Kip Mei – 

The Dragon Teases the Phoenix and Carmen (excerpts from Autumn Moon on a Placid Lake)

1959 – Premiere of the new Cantonese Opera production The Reincarnation of Lady Plum Blossom a the Lee Theatre – 

The Chance Meeting When Plucking the Prunus from The Reincarnation of Lady Plum Blossom (excerpts from Autumn Moon over the Han Palace)

1972 – Charity Fundraising Performance on Television - Duet Singing of Consoling His Wife from Why Won't Thou Return? – 

Television Charity Fundraising Programme - Consoling His Wife from Why Won't Thou Return?

Lead Xylophone: Luk Kin Bun   Lead Cantonese Houguan: Lo Wai Leung & Ma Wai Him

2057 – Inauguration of the Recital Hall at the Chinese Space Station on Mars and Centenary Celebration of the Premiere of The Story of the Purple Hairpin on Earth – 

Reunion of the Sword and the Hairpin on Mars (excerpts from Moonlight on the Spring River)

Lead: Zhang Ying

The concert runs approximately 75 minutes without intermission.