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HKSAR Anniversary Day Celebration Concert - Guo Feng

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Proudly Supports

Date and Time
1-2/7/2024 (Mon, Tue) 8:00pm
Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$380, $300, $250, $200
Yan Huichang
Performed by
Guest Concertmaster : Yan Jiemin
Sanxian, Narrative Singing: Zhao Taisheng
Hong Kong has rung in a new era and welcomes new opportunities and challenges, moving forward hand in hand with the local people to work for common good. To celebrate the anniversary of the Hong Kong SAR, the HKCO will present a concert titled Guo Feng, which is a reference to the ancient Chinese classic, Shijing (The Book of Poetry). The hand-picked programme is imbued with China’s rich cultural heritage as well as Hong Kong’s uniqueness as a gem in its midst.

Guo Feng Zhao Jiping

Sanxian, Narrative Singing and Orchestra   Song of the Black Earth   Sui Lijun       Lyrics by Shang Cunbao

Sanxian, Narrative Singing: Zhao Taisheng

Jasmine           Liu Wenjin

Sanxian, Narrative Singing and Orchestra  As the Strong Wind Blows (The fourth movement of Morning Star Lilies Forever) Wang Danhong

Sanxian, Narrative Singing: Zhao Taisheng

Sanxian: Chan Man-kee, Chan Wai-ying, Chau Sze-yui, Cheung Ching-nam, Cheung Vinca Tsz-wan, Chow Uen-ting,Ku Yi-tung, Lam Chak-yin, Leung Shiu-yat, Li Tsz-ying, Mak Yuen-yee, Man Sze-ching, Coey, Ng Ka-yiu, Minnie,Ng Yuet-lam, Pang Hong-yui, Pun Yan-yin, Ivan, Ting Felicia Qianyue, To Yee-chak, Wong Clovis Wales Pak-hang,Wong Yuet-kiu, Yeung Chun-ho, Ying Tsz-wan, Zhao Zehui

The Yellow River Capriccio Cheng Dazhao

Rattle drums will be distributed to audience to perform with HKCO

The concert runs approximately 75 minutes without intermission.