45th Orchestral Season

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HKCO4U - Touching A Soulful Chord

Date and Time
16/10/2021 (Sat) 8:00 pm
HKCO Recital Hall
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Performed by
Huqin: Li Xiaoding, Xiang Xuan, Peng Cheng, Wan Yun-an
Artistic Advisor:Zhang Chongxue
Programme Coordinator:Li Xiaoding
The highly acclaimed huqin ensemble concert featuring elite musicians of the HKCO including Li Xiaoding, Xiang Xuan, Peng Cheng, Wan Yun-an etc is making a comeback! Look out for the soulful notes from the award-winning Eco-Huqin series in their next concert.
Huqin Quartet   Ru-Meng-Ling   Yang Chunjia

Eco-Erhu: Peng Cheng, Li Xiaoding

Eco-Gaohu: Xiang Xuan

Eco-Zhonghu: Wan Yun-an

Huqin Quartet   The Bow Dancing on Strings   Li Bochan

Eco-Erhu: Xiang Xuan, Peng Cheng

Eco-Zhonghu: Wan Yun-an, Li Xiaoding

Erhu Solo and Chamber Orchestra   Guests from Afar, Please Stay   Mai Zhizeng

Arr. By Zhu Changyao   Eco-Erhu: Peng Cheng

Banhu Solo and Chamber Orchestra   Shanxi Opera Set Tune

Arr. By Guo Futuan   Adapted by Liu Mingyuan   Banhu: Xiang Xuan

Zhonghu Solo and Chamber Orchestra   On the Grassland   Liu Mingyuan

Accompaniment arr. By Ye Yu   Eco-Zhonghu: Li Xiaoding

Alto Banhu Ensemble   A Riddle Song   Zhang Changcheng and Yuan Ye
Banhu: Xiang Xuan, Li Xiaoding

Erhu Solo and Chamber Orchestra    The Island with Swaying Coconut Trees   Chen Jun 
Eco-Erhu: Wan Yun-an

Huqin Quintet   Nightclub 1960   Astor Piazolla

Arr. By Ng King-pan (Hong Kong Premiere)

Eco-Erhu: Xiang Xuan

Eco-Gaohu: Peng Cheng

Eco-Zhonghu: Li Xiaoding

Eco-Gehu: An Yue, Ngai Hon Yip 

Huqin Quartet   Sending the Tiger Back to Its Mountain Hideout

Adapted by Huang Xiaozhi    Transcribed and compiled by Chen Chunyuan

Eco-Erhu: Xiang Xuan, Peng Cheng, Wan Yun-an 
Eco-Zhonghu: Li Xiaoding