47th Orchestral Season

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Chinese Winds Concert – Warbling City Birds

Date and Time
6/1/2024 (Sat) 8:00pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre
Ticket Fee
$300, $250
Artistic Advisor
Yim Hok Man
Performed by
Programme coordinator, Dizi: Sun Yongzhi
Dizi, Dongxiao: Choo Boon Chong, Chan Chi Yuk, To Fung Lim, Wu Chih-ting, Lin Yu-hsien

Ensemble Concert
This concert offers an idyllic soundscape created by the wind section of the Chinese orchestra. The dizi and the xiao are traditional wind instruments known for their soft, rounded tones that easily convey a tranquil ambiance. They can be used for solo, lead, ensemble, chamber and orchestral performances, as well as in accompaniment for folk songs, dances, Chinese traditional theatre, regional theatrical genres, and narrative singing. The HKCO's dizi/xiao section will perform a diverse range of works in different performing configurations and styles.

Dizi Quintet   Warbling City Birds Timothy Wilson

Dizi Sextet   Tales from Northwest China (Hong Kong Premiere) Gao Yinbo

Dongxiao Quartet  Drinking Under the Moon Ho Man-hin

Selection of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra: Compulsory piece No.2 in Dizi

(Commissioned by the HKCO / World Premiere) Chew Hee-chiat

Dizi: Chan Chi Yuk

Affection for Qinchuan Ma Di

Dizi: To Fung Lim

Dizi and Chamber Orchestra Floating Clouds (Arrangement commissioned by the HKCO / Premiere) Arr. by Zhu Yunsong after his original composition

Dizi: Wu Chih-ting

Dizi concerto   Red Pansy (The third movement of Wild Pansies) Ng King-pan

Dizi: Lin Yu-hsien

Dizi and Chamber Orchestra   A Wife’s Lament of Her Husband Far Away

Sun Yongzhi and Zhou Yuguo Arr. by Zhou Yuguo

Dizi: Sun Yongzhi

Dizi Quartet   Happy Reunion Arr. by Zhou Chenglong based on the Solo

Arrangement by Feng Zicun and Fang Kun