47th Orchestral Season

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December 2023

Chinese Music DSE

Date and Time
9/12/2023 (Sat) 8:00pm
Tuen Mun Town Hall Auditorium
Ticket Fee
$380, $300, $250, $200
Kwok Kin-ming
Performed by
Liuqiu/ Xiaoruan: Ge Yang
Tickets are available from 9/10/2023 at URBTIX
The Hong Kong Schools Music Festival has been organizing music competitions for primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong since 1949, and the Chinese Music Class was added in 1960. To prepare contestants of the Chinese Music Class, Secondary School - Senior Division of the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, the HKCO has invited Kwok Kin-ming, Music Officer of the Music Office and Second Runner-up and winner of the Outstanding Young Conductor in Hong Kong award in the 2011 Hong Kong International Conducting Competition for Chinese Music to conduct the Orchestra in Chinese
music ensemble pieces in previous syllabuses. The concert would therefore provide teachers and students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the pieces while at the same time, offer Chinese music enthusiasts in general an opportunity to revisit memorable pieces of the good old days.