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The 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong Drum Festival
One Beat, One World: Connecting Through The Drum
Drum Carnival And 5G Live Concert

Chinachem Group Presents

Date and Time
14/10/2023 (Sat) 12:00-6:30pm
Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District
Ticket Fee
Free Admission
5G Strategic Partner: 3HK

Media Partner: RTHK

The 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong Drum Festival
“One Beat One World: Connecting Through The Drum” Drum Carnival & 5G Live Concert

Message from Chief Executive

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hong Kong citizens, friends from around the world:

Greetings! I’m delighted to take part in this year’s Hong Kong Drum Festival via video. First, may I congratulate the Festival’s Carnival and Concert that will take place. These events add energy and verve to the cultural atmosphere in the West Kowloon Art Park on this beautiful autumn day.  

The world-renowned Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra has long been the leader in Chinese music in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Drum Festival was first organised by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in 2003. During the past two decades, the Hong Kong Drum Festival has become an important annual highlight, an event that is enthusiastically received by the general public.

The theme of the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Drum Festival is “One Beat, One World: Connecting Through the Drum.” It is also one of the HKSAR Government’s “Happy Hong Kong” events. I understand the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra has organised instructors to teach drumming in all 18 districts of Hong Kong, bringing the joy of music to different corners of our communities. The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra is also inclusive in its outreach, arranging ethnic minority groups and young persons in custody to take part in its programmes, using music to promote positive energy in society.

This year’s Hong Kong Drum Festival is among the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Pilot Scheme for Characteristic Local Tourism Events, gathering masters and arts troupes from Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Tourists and citizens attending the event not only enjoy the beautiful vista of Victoria Harbour from the West Kowloon Cultural District, but also relish in fiery and passionate drum music. These combined experiences promise true delight.

This large-scale concert will be livestreamed via 5G to the global audience, promoting Hong Kong as an excellent tourist spot possessing the best of East and West. It is a fine example of the positive interplay between culture and tourism.

The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra has established itself in our city for almost half a century, taking on its role as Hong Kong’s cultural ambassador, having performed all over the world. I look forward to even more superb performances by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and the musical feasts it creates for Hong Kong, China and the world, using the art of Chinese music imbued with traditional culture to advance cultural exchange between East and West, promoting fine Chinese and Hong Kong stories. 

I wish the Hong Kong Drum Festival great success, that all of you enjoy the experience. Thank you. 

Chief Executive of Hong Kong

John Lee Ka-chiu

1200- 1645

Drum Carnival


- 3.47 metre Peace drum - Let's join #DrumChallenge!

 - Performances of Hong Kong Synergy 24 Drum Competition winners
 - Drum workshop, game and food booths

- Large projector screen with videos of drum performancesby drum ensembles

  from around the world and Hong Kong’s 18 districts


- Performance of intangible Cultural Heritage Drum Groups from Mainland China

(Shaanxi Province Yan'an City An'sai Waist Drum Troupe, Shantou Chaoyang district Chengnan Zhongjing Yingge Team, Shanxi Jiangzhou Drum Troupe)

 Hong Kong Synergy 24 Drum Competition presentation ceremony (12:15pm)
 Kick off ceremony (2:00pm)
1645- 1700Opening Ceremony
1700- 18305G Live Concert

Conductor: Yan Huichang


- A concert together with leading drum ensembles or virtuoso from around the world (Dori (Korea), Yosuke (Japan), Azaguno (Africa), Abbos Group (Uzbekistan), Anthony Fernandes (America), Shanxi Jiangzhou Drum Troupe (Mainland China), GEKKO (Hong Kong))

 - Rattle drums will be distributed among members of the audience to enable them to join in with the orchestra

The Grand Victory  Wind and Percussion Folk Music from Shanxi Arr. by Zhang Shiye     

The Yellow River Boatmen  A Collective Work by the Shanxi Jiangzhou Drum Troupe with notation by Zhang Lie  

Percussion : Shanxi Jiangzhou Drum Troupe

Chinese Percussion and Orchestra     Prince Qin Takes His Roll Call (Excerpts)  Jing Jianshu  

A Collective Work by the Shanxi Jiangzhou Drum Troupe   

Percussion : Shanxi Jiangzhou Drum Troupe


Samul nori:Dori

Concerto for Samullori and Orchestra Madang (Excerpts)  Kang Joon-il Orch. by Qu Chunquan 

Samul nori:Dori

Fire Paschal Yao Young                                          

African Drum : Azaguno

African Drums and Orchestra Africa Meets Asia (Excerpts) Paschal Yao Younge   Arr. by Kong Su LeongAfrican Drum : Azaguno

6/8 Afro Cuban and Latin                                                                   

Drum Set : Anthony Fernandes

Drum Set and Orchestra Unknown Land (Excerpts)        Ng Cheuk-yin                  

Drum Set : Anthony Fernandes

Uzbek music Horazm Surnay Lazgisi                                                

Percussion : Abbos Group

Uzbek Folk Musical Group and Orchestra Navruz: The Restless Flying Khumo (Excerpts)       Abbos Kosimov Arr. by Ng King-pan (Themes taken from the original music, Navruz and Norim-norim by Abbos Kosimov)

INORI Yosuke                            

Percussion : Yosuke 

Journey of Eternity                      Yosuke        Arr. by Ng Cheuk Yin      

Percussion : Yosuke, GEKKO

Percussion and Orchestra Let the Thunder of Drums Roll VII.1023  Chew Hee-chiat              

*Audience perform with the artists and HKCO