47th Orchestral Season

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October 2023

The 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong Drum Festival
One Beat, One World: Connecting Through The Drum
Drum Carnival And 5G Live Concert

Chinachem Group Presents

Date and Time
14/10/2023 (Sat) 12:00-6:30pm
Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District
Free Admission

5G Strategic Partner: 3HK
1200- 1645

Drum Carnival


- 3.47 metre Peace drum - Let's join #DrumChallenge!

 - Performances of Hong Kong Synergy 24 Drum Competition winners
 - Drum workshop, game and food booths

- Large projector screen with videos of drum performancesby drum ensembles

  from around the world and Hong Kong’s 18 districts


- Performance of intangible Cultural Heritage Drum Groups from Mainland China

(Shaanxi Province Yan'an City An'sai Waist Drum Troupe, Shantou Chaoyang district Chengnan Zhongjing Yingge Team, Shanxi Jiangzhou Drum Troupe)

 Hong Kong Synergy 24 Drum Competition presentation ceremony (12:15pm)
 Kick off ceremony (2:00pm)
1645- 18305G Live Concert

Conductor: Yan Huichang


- A concert together with leading drum ensembles or virtuoso from around the world ((Dori (Korea), Yosuke Oda (Japan), Paschal Yao Younge (Africa), Abbos Kosimov (Uzbekistan), Jason JT Thomas (America), Shanxi Jiangzhou Drum Troupe (Mainland China))

 - Rattle drums will be distributed among members of the audience to enable them to join in with the orchestra