45th Orchestral Season

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Empowering Hong Kong through Chinese Music - The HKCO Net Festival
5G 4K Live Broadcast Concert
With New Tunes, We Connect

Date and Time
18/12/2021 (Sat) 8:00 pm
HKCO Recital Hall
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Yan Huichang

The HKCO Net Festival was launched in 2020 to drive musicmakers in a fight against Covid-19 and to connect the community in the Cloud. Activities cover three areas: With New Tunes, We Connect; With Drums, We Hearten; and Through Musicking, We Are One. We received rave response from local  composers of Chinese music, conduc- tors, teachers, drum ensembles etc. For the segment With New Tunes, We Connect, which is an invitation to young composers to send in their original compositions using the battle against Covid-19 as the theme, we have received many outstanding works. Those  selected will be live streamed via 5G. Let’s make Chinese music a tool for empowering and purging and give Hong Kong a total uplift!

Watch 5G 4K Live Broadcast: https://event.hermeslive.com/event/f4959cc0-497a-436e-9515-1d44604778b8

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Theme with battle against Covid-19 by Hong Kong Composers 

The Rite of Washing   Wu Hou-lam (World Premiere)

Finding the Light     Leung Hong-yu 


Swing and Swirl in the Saha World    Alvin Leung  (World Premiere)      

Qudi, Erhu and Zhongruan     In Full Bloom   Lam Chun-hei, Matthew (World Premiere)


Plucked String Ensemble   Petals in the Drizzle   Ho Man-hin (World Premiere)     

Deep   Sham Yiu-chung, Ken (World Premiere)    

Here Comes the Dawn   Lam Chun-hei, Matthew (World Premiere)      

Eulogy   Ho Man-hin (World Premiere)    

HongKongers Addoil!     Cheng Ching-nam, Hippocrates (World Premiere)                     

Hand-in-hand   Wong Ching-yin