Chan Chi Yuk

Chan Chi Yuk ◆

Assistant Principal Dizi of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Chan joined the HKCO in 2004, became Acting Assistant Principal Dizi in 2016, and took his current position in 2017. He also teaches dizi at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and serves as a director of the Hong Kong Bamboo Flute Society. Chan began his studies under Lam Si-kwan, and later enrolled at HKAPA where he majored in dizi performance under instructor Sun Yongzhi and minored in the dongxiao under Tam Po-shek, earninga master’s degree in music. During his studies, HKAPA awarded Chan with multiple scholarships which enabled him to travel to the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music to receive instruction from Dai Ya;Chan has also received instruction from acclaimed artists such as Lu Chunling, Yu Xunfa, Zhan Yongming,Zhang Weiliang, Du Rusong, and Li Datong.

Former Principal Dizi of the Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra, Chan has collaborated with the Wind pipe Chinese Music Ensemble and Lok Sum Chinese Orchestra. In 2011 Chan was invited by the Hong Kong Arts Festival to hold a dizi concert; in 2012, he performed alongside master dizi player Lu Chunling at the concert ‘Salute to Lu Chunling - A National Day Celebration’, and also performed a solo;in 2013, Chan served as a judge at the International Bamboo Flute Invitational, and performed on behalf of Hong Kong at the ‘Dizi Arts Legacy – Masters and Beginners Concert’; in 2016, Chan performed the lead melody in Rashomon at the Sunbeam Theatre. In addition to actively performing on stage, Chan regularly records parts for cinematic soundtracks, judges flute contests, teaches, and engages in promotional work. In recent years, Chan has begun dabbling in the shakuhachi under the instruction of Yang Guang,researching the traditions and techniques of the chikuhoryo style.