Law Hang Leung

A suona virtuoso with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. Law is also a part-time suona instructor at the Music Office and an instructor of suona and Chinese wind and percussion ensemble at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. While at the Academy, he double-majored in suona (under Mr Guo Yazhi) and Chinese percussion (under Mr Yim Hok Man), and had received coaching from suona virtuosi Mr Hu Haiquan, Mr Hao Yuqi, Mr Wang Gaolin, Prof Liu Ying and more.

Law has a rich and diverse experience as a performing artist, covering music theatre, pop concerts, original chamber operas, and music festivals. He also played suona solo and ensemble lead in many of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra concert, including ‘A Legacy of Exotic Lyricism’, ‘HKCO4U’, ‘Love in the City’, ‘Surf’s Up’, ‘As the Winds Blow and Percussions Sound’ and ‘The Chinese Music Time Machine.’ In recent years, he has curated many wind and percussion concerts for the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, with programmes covering works from the traditional repertoire, new arrangements, modern pieces and new original compositions. He has also hosted several talks and workshops on Chinese wind and percussion instruments.