Ng Kai Hei

Zhongruan virtuoso of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Ng joined the HKCO in 2021. Ng received training of zhongruan and liuqin under To Siu Ming at the age of 9. He then graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree, as well as a Master of Music, both at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majored in Zhongruan and minored in Yueqin under the tutelage of acclaimed Yueqin and Zhongruan performer Prof. Lui Kwan On. During his study, he received the 2017-2018 S C Leong Scholarship, the 2018-2019 First Initiative Foundation Scholarship, and the 2021-2022 Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund Scholarship. In 2018, Ng received the gold award for liuqin and zhongruan performance and first place at the 3rd Malaysia Traditional Music Festival and Nanfeng International Music Competition.

Ng has a rich and diverse experience on the performing stage. In 2019, he was invited by the Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble to participate in the ‘The Unearthly Serenade – The Art of Ruan in Hong Kong’ concert as a special guest performer; in 2022, he performed the Zhongruan concerto In Remembrance of Yunnan at the HKCO ‘A Night of Concerti’ concert; he also gave a highly-praised performance of the solo Song of the Sun and the Moon at the Academy Chinese Orchestra Gala Concert – ‘A Sonic Banquet at the Moon Pavilion’. Ng has also been invited toparticipate in cross-genre performances. In 2023, he participated in the AIA "MRDT with HIM" Fanatical Music Festival as a ruan player, performing Cantonese pop music. In the song Red Sports Car, he showcased a unique performance by using the "Electric Ruan" to engage in a musical duel with Joey Tang, the electric guitarist of the Tai Chi Band. The performance received widespread acclaim. 

Aside from performing, Ng engrosses and dedicates himself towards promoting Ruan. In 2023, his commissioned arrangement of The Four Seasons – Winter for Yangqin and Ruan was premiered in ‘HKCO4U - Ruan Trio’ Concert.