Xu Hui

Xu Hui ◎

Xu Hui is the Acting Erhu Principal of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. She is concurrently Vice President of the Hong Kong Society for Art and Charity Limited, an on-profit arts organization in Hong Kong; director of the China Nationalities Orchestra Society, Sino-US Chinese Musicians Association, and YMCA Hong Kong. She holds a double postgraduate degree in erhu and banhu from the Central Conservatory of Music, where she trained under Professors Zhao Hanyang and Li Heng. Xu has given solo recitals in Nanjing, Beijing, Hong Kong and the United States. Her discography includes the solo albums Hui Sheng Hui Se and Moonlight Flower. Orchestras she has performed with include the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, Shandong Chinese Orchestra, Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. She has also performed with renowned conductors and composers such as Tang Muhai, Yan Huichang, Wang Fujian, Pang Ka Pang, Liu Wenjin, He Zhanhao and Li Ying in world premieres of a Chinese rendition of Mahler’s The Song of the Earth, the erhu concerto The Everlasting Regret, and the banhu concerto Royal Love. Other premiere performances include Cloud. Wind, Wanquan River, and Fantasy for ensemble. She has gone on tour to mainland China, Asia, Europe and America with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.