Fung Yin Lam◎

Acting Principal Zhongruan of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Fung joined the HKCO in 2017 and has served as Acting Principal Zhongruan since 2019. Fung graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Music degree, trained in zhongruan under Prof Lui Kwan-on. While at the Academy, he was awarded the HSBC HKAPA Mainland China Study Programme and the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarship.

Fung performed zhongruan solo with the orchestra in the piece entitled Ambush from All Sides at ‘Liu Bang, Xiang Yu and the Terra Cotta Warriors’ the HKCO Concert during the 2019 HKCO Mainland Tour and 2018 Singapore Tour. It won the commendation of the music circles. Fung also frequently performed with the HKCO Plucked-string Ensemble to boast a repertoire that ranges from traditional to contemporary. In 2016, Fung was invited by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups to premiere The City in Rain by Hong Kong composer, Ho Man-hin. In the same year, he was invited to perform In Remembrance of Yunnan – Third Movement in the first Malaysia Traditional Music Festival.