41st Orchestral Season

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Yunnan Scenes

Date and Time
19-20/1/2018 (Fri, Sat)
8:00 pm
Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$150, $200, $260, $320
Kuan Nai-chung
Performed by
Dizi: Zhang Weiliang
Guqin: Qiao Sha
Viola: Chris Choi
Sheng: Yang Sin-yu
15% off discount for buying 19/1 & 20/1 concert tickets at the same time.

Two evenings of classics written and conducted by the Maestro himself

The name ‘Kuan Nai-chung’ represents a prolific composer and a versatile conductor rolled in one, and many of his works are etched in the memory of generations of Hong Kong people. The Maestro is returning to Hong Kong to conduct the HKCO in two evenings of richly diverse music: the first opens with Memories of Hong Kong and the second, Scenes of Yunnan. He will be joined on the concert stage by dizi virtuoso Zhang Weiliang, guqin virtuoso Qiao Shan, viola virtuoso Chris Choi and sheng virtuoso Yang Sin-yu. Together, they will cook up two wonderful feasts of music!

Programmes on 19/1/2018
Viola and Orchestra Memories of Hong Kong
Viola: Chris Choi

Dizi Concerto No.1 Butterfly Dream
Dizi: Zhang Weiliang

Qin Song and Chinese Orchestra Eighteen Variations on a Hu Pipe Melody - No. 1 

Lyrics by Cai Wenji    Qin Shi    Composed by Kuan Nai-chung after a notated melody by Wang Di

Guqin and Orchestra Li Sao (Lament of Exile)
Guqin and Self-accompanied Singing: Qiao Shan

Symphonic Poem    Mu Guiying Leads Her Army to War
Yang Muyun et al of the Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China
Arr. by Kuan Nai-chung
Programmes on 20/1/2018
Scenes of Yunnan

Symphonic Poem The Peacock
Sheng: Yang Sin-yu

Dizi and Orchestra Love of the Homeland
Dizi: Zhang Weiliang

Impressions, No. 1 to 4

The Poetic Realm of Guqin

Guided Concert for Secondary Schools, under the Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students

Conductor: Kuan Nai-chung

Guqin: Qiao Shan

Date and Time: 19/1/2018 (Friday)  3:00-4:00 pm

Inquires & registration: 3185 1680 / 3184 1624

Pre-concert interactive workshop - (Full)

Conductor: Kuan Nai-chung
Guqin: Qiao Shan
Date and Time: 16/1/2018 (Tue) 7:00pm
Venue: Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (7/F, Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, 345 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong)
Inquires & registration: 3185 1647