Zhang Weiliang

Zhang Weiliang is a famous dizi, xiao and xun player, educator and composer. He is a professor, supervisor of PhD candidates and Deputy Head of the Academic Committee at the China Conservatory of Music. He is also Vice Chairman of the Beijing Musicians’ Association, President of the China Bamboo Flute Society under the auspices of the China Nationalities Orchestra Society, and senior assessor of the Ministry of Culture. 

Zhang has won many accolades in the field of education. He was awarded for “High Level Innovative Pedagogical Excellence” in 2015, and a National Class One Award for Pedagogical Results by the Ministry of Education in 2014. As a composer, Zhang won an Excellence Award with Weeping for the Flowers at the National Competition for Original Compositions of Folk Instrumental Music organized by the Ministry of Culture in 2010. He was commissioned to write the music for the opening ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games in 2008. His Bamboo Dreams, composed in 2003, won a Class One Prize for Music Composition at the National Dance Competition organized by the Ministry of Culture. He has been on many overseas tours, performing in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.