Omni-directional promotion of
Chinese education

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Omni-directional promotion of
Chinese education


The Hong Kong Young Chinese Orchestra 

The Hong Kong Young Chinese Orchestra was set up by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra with the purpose of inheriting the culture of Chinese music. Its members are young talented players from Hong Kong aged between 10 and 35. They are trained not only in musicianship and performing techniques but also in discipline and team spirit.

The members learn through stringent weekly practices, working closely with the other members and understanding the importance of playing music as part of an orchestra. They also have the opportunity to be trained by the conductors and seasoned instructors of the HKCO to improve their performing skills and musicianship, so as to establish a solid base in music. The Orchestra’s incumbent conductor is Rupert Woo Pak Tuen, winner of the Outstanding Young Conductor in Hong Kong Award of the Second International Conducting Competition for Chinese Music (2014).

Besides regular rehearsals, members of the Orchestra also participate in performances and exchanges both in Hong Kong and overseas to broaden their horizon, share the joy of music with others, and expand their performance experience. Local performances include the ‘Chinese Music Fun! Fun! Fun!’ gala and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Chinese Music 360 Community Performance organized by the HKCO. In 2019, the Orchestra performed in ‘Let's Fun@HKCC’ fun day commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, and the ‘Haw Par Jolly Music Day’. During 2018-19, the Orchestra was invited to participate in Hong Kong Children’s Choir 50th Anniversary ‘HKCC & Friends’ Concert. In 2018, the Orchestra performed at the Sha Tin Festival’s ‘Melodious Erhu Showcase’ and the Hong Kong International Youth Chinese Music Festival. Overseas performances include exchanges and tours in the Greater Bay Area in 2019, as well as ‘Macao International Youth Music Week’ in 2018, where the Orchestra visited Macao, Shenzhen and Panyu and exchanged their music experiences with the local students. 

* The Tung Foundation and Bank of China (Hong Kong) are major sponsors of the Hong Kong Young Chinese Orchestra.

Rupert Woo Pak Tuen - Conductor

Rupert Woo Pak Tuen is Assistant Conductor (Education and Outreach) of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Conductor of the Hong Kong Young Chinese Orchestra, a freelance Instructor in Conducting at the Department of Traditional Chinese Musical Instruments of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, Resident Conductor of the Conservatory’s Chinese orchestra, and instructor on its postgraduate programme. In Hong Kong, he is a part-time lecturer and conductor in the School of Music of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), and erhu instructor of the Chinese orchestra on the Academy’s Junior Music Programme. 

The two chamber groups of the Tianjin Conservatory of Music – the Yiran Chinese Chamber Orchestra and the Yuedong Nanxun Chinese Chamber Orchestra – which Rupert serves as instructor made it to the semi-finals and finals of the 2019 Chinese Instrumental Music Television Competition of the China Central Radio and Television. In January 2017, he represented the HKAPA at the course-end concert of the first All China Training Course for Conductors, where he conducted the China National Traditional Orchestra. In November the same year, he was the conductor of the joint Youth Chinese and Symphony Orchestras of the Tianjin Conservatory of Music on their tour to Beijing, Tianjin and other cities of Hebei Province. In the Second International Conducting Competition for Chinese Music held in 2014, Rupert won Second Prize as well as the Outstanding Young Conductor in Hong Kong Award and the Audience Award for the Most Popular Conductor. He guest-conducted the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Henan National Music Orchestra, the Academy Chinese Orchestra and the Academy Symphony Orchestra of HKAPA, Fanyin Chamber Orchestra of the Tianjin Conservatory of Music, Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble etc. In recent years, he has given solo huqin recitals and talks on Chinese music culture at the invitation of the Cultural Presentations Section of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department as well as various tertiary institutions.     

Born in Hong Kong, Rupert started learning Chinese music in secondary school. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology before completing a Master’s degree programme in banhu and gaohu performance at the HKAPA, where his supervisors included Ngai Kwun Wa and Yu Qiwei. In 2012, he was awarded a double Master’s degree in Performance and in Conducting under the supervision of Yan Huichang. The latter award made him the first Master in Conducting to come out of the HKAPA. He trained in conducting under Yan Huichang, and has also benefitted from the coaching of Xia Feiyun, Hu Bingxu, Qu Chunquan, Tsung Yeh, Zhang Guoyong and Zhang Lie.
Rupert Woo Pak Tuen

Section Tutor

Mak Ka Yin (Eco-Erhu, Eco-Gaohu,  Eco-Zhonghu)
Lee Meng-hsueh (Yangqin)                   
Chan Chi Yuk (Dizi)                                  
Cheung Wayn Tou (Eco-Gehu/Cello)
Chen I-ling (Liuqin / Ruan)
Huang Ying-ti (Sheng)  
Chan Ka Man (Eco-Bass Gehu/Double Bass)
Wong Yui Kiu (Pipa / Sanxian)
Liu Hai (Suona)
Iu Yan  (Zheng)
Lee Tsz Yan (Percussion)

Recruiting the members of 2020/2021

Details kindly refer to the Chinese version.

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*Application deadline: 15/8/2020 (Sat)

Member of the HKYCO

Soprano Sheng
*Ng Chung Ming
*Chew Jingyu
*Chan Wai Yee Myris
*Ng Yin Ting
*Chan Yu Chun
*Wu Hok Him Donald
Kwok Kai Ming Elvis
Lee Tsz Long
Kwong See Ching
Hui Wing Po
Tang Chun Yin
Lok Pui Yee
Sit Hok Him Adrian
Eunice Lee
Lucas Chavez
Fu Yin Chi
Tung Tsz Chim
Leung Stewart

Chan Ching Ue
Chan Pui Yin
Wong Hei Lam Hailey
Qing Yanzhang

Lee Cheuk Ki

Choi Hoi Hin
Chow Sik To
Xiong Da Zhi
Wong Tsz Chin

Athena Chan
Alto Sheng
Cheung Sui Yan
Yim Wai Shing
Leung Oscar
*Cheung Ka Ho
*Ng Kit Wing
Ma Ming Kwan
*Tsui Chi Yin
Chong Ho Kwan
Sing Nathan
Zhao Jace Chak Hin
Lau Pui Ling Martha
Gu Eric
Ko Pun Ching Jocelyn

Lau Hiu Ling Miriam
heng Pak Lam Steven

Bass Sheng
Wong Wai Yan
Ching Koon Fung
Eco-Bass Gehu
*Wong Wan Ka
Mak Wing Chun
*Ng Justin Bai Shen
Leung Wai Yuet
Chow Chun Kiu Conan
Chan Dui Yee
Xiong Da Ren

Kung Ka Ho
Lin Yee Man
Wu Ga Shing

Chong Yan Lok
Ip Pui Ching


Soprano Suona
Chen Wenjing

*Kam Pok Man

Hui Tin Ming

*Li Kai Man
Ng Ka Chai Matthew

Tsoi Ho Sum

Ng Yi Ting
*Huang Wai Ling
Ip Pak Kan

Tse Lik Chun
Cheung Ki
Ho Chun Ip
Yeung Lam Yan

Chan Chin Ngai Howard
*Zhao Ze Hui
To Yee Wai
Mok Hoi Yan
Lee Zhe Yan

To Yee Chak
Leung Wing Nga
Li Sheung Kwan
Chan Arthur Duncan

Alto Suona

Lok Fung
  *Tong Hei Tung    
*Principal of the sectionText Here