Qiao Shan

Qiao Shan is a qin artist and performer of the genre called ‘qin song singing’, that is, singing to the self-accompaniment on the qin. She is the Vice Chairman of the International Chinese Musicians Coalition, President of Guqin Society and President of the Chinese Guqin Culture Research Association.

Qiao graduated from the China Conservatory in 1985 trained in guqin. Her teacher was Ms Wang Di, the mentee of Maestro Guan Pinghu of guqin fame. Qiao has been promoting the art of guqin in China and overseas. She has performed with the China National Orchestra, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra of Taiwan, Macao Chinese Orchestra, and the Chinese Orchestra of the Tianjin Song and Dance Theatre. She has given guqin recitals and ensemble concerts in more than twenty countries. In 2005, she performed the symphonic poem featuring the guqin and Chinese orchestra, Poetic Chants of the Guqin at the Goldener Saal in Vienna, Austria.

Qiao founded the Qiao Shan Guqin Arts Center in 2008 as a channel of passing on the legacy of the Guan stylistic school of guqin. In 2015, she initiated and organised the first ‘Pinghu Cup’ International Inivtation Competition for Guqin in Shanghai. Over a hundred qin players around the world attended, and the event drew a lot of favourable response.