39th Orchestral Season

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39th Orchestral Season

The Dislinguished

Yellow River

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Date and Time
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$100 $150 $250 $300
Chen Tscheng-Hsiung
Performed by
Piano: Shi Shucheng
Konghou : Wu Lin

Children of the Yellow River, keep rolling on!

Mr Chen Tscehng-Hsiung is a conductor of great renown in Taiwan, recognized for his adept command of Chinese and Western music. He will lead the HKCO in this concert with a programme that showcases his repertoire. It includes Shokstakovich's Festive Overture; Three Realms of Tibet by Han Yong, composer from China now residing in the United States, which is an exploration of the meaning of Life written with a unique 'Yin Yang Composition Method' that he created and Recollections by Liu Changyuan, an expansive work of universality. Also appearing in the concert is young konghou player, Wu Lin, performing Chen Ning-chi's work that shows the timelessness of the millennia-old instrument, The Phoenix that Rises from the Ashes, and famous pianist Shi Shucheng in an emotively overwhelming rendition of The Yellow River piano concerto.

Pre-Concert Talk
22/7/2016 (Sat) 6:45pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Level 4 Foyer
Speaker: Mr Shi Shucheng (Conducted in Putonghua)

Backstage Tour
23/7/2016 (Sat) 7:00pm
Hong Kong Culture Center Concert Hall

Free Admission. Limited seats only. First come first served.
Reservation: 3185 1600
Festive Overture, Op. 96     Dmitri Shostakovich     Arr. by Chen Tscheng-hsiung

Konghou Concerto     The Phoenix that Rises from the Ashes     Chen Ning-chi
The first movement: Moderato
The second Movement: Allegro
The third Movement: Adagio

Three Realms of Tibet     Han Yong 
The first movement: The Realm of Heaven – the communion between Man and Spirit
The second Movement: The Realm of the Earth - communication between Man and Nature
The third Movement: The Realm of Man – Love and Harmony among Mankind

Piano Concerto     The Yellow River     (Central Philharmonic Orchestra's1989 version)
A collective work by members of the Central Philharmonic Society (Yin Chengzong, Chu Wanghua, Liu Zhuang, Sheng Lihong, Shi Shucheng and Xu Feixing), based on Xian Xinghai's The Yellow River Cantata
Instrumentation for Chinese orchestra by Liu Wenjin

The first movement: Song of the Yellow River Boatmen
The second movement: Ode to the Yellow River
The third movement: Anger of the Yellow River (The Yellow River Ditty)
The fourth movement: Defend the Yellow River

Memories     Liu Changyuan
Press Release