41st Orchestral Season

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Conducting Duo

Date and Time
13-14/4/2018 (Fri, Sat)
8:00 pm
Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$150, $200, $260, $320
Kwok Kin-ming, Woo Pak-tuen
Performed by
Dizi: Chan Chi Yuk
Piano: Colleen Lee
Treble Chorus: Music Office Children’s Choir

Magic wielded by two conductors in one concert

Two young conductors from Hong Kong, both winners of the Hong Kong International Conducting Competition for Chinese Music in the first and second editions – Kwok Kin-ming and Rupert Woo Pak Tuen, make this concert unique with their choice of music and interpretations. Woo’s segment will feature several classics in Chinese music, including a dizi solo by Chan Chi Yuk, while Kwok’s will feature Colleen Lee on the piano and the Music Office Children’s Choir in a chorus. And we must not forget - they will have the HKCO’s solid support throughout the refreshing numbers!

Conductor: Rupert Woo Pak Tuen

Sending the Tiger Back to Its Mountain Hideout

Excerpt from the Model Play Taking Tiger Mountain by Stratagem Arr. by Wu Hua

Caprice on Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains (Excerpts)
II. The River Flows to the Land of Clouds and Beyond     Liu Yuan
IV. The Zen of Autumn in the Mountains     Liu Yuan

Dizi Concerto     The Song of Flight      Tang Jianping
Dizi: Chan Chi Yuk

Conductor: Kwok Kin-ming

Chorus and Orchestra    Children‧Love Hong Kong    Arr. by Joshua Chan
(Round and Round We Go, Whose Chicken Is This?, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, This Is My Home Medley)
Treble Chorus: Music Office Children’s Choir

Piano and Orchestra Ancient Melody Lamentation of Lady Zhaojun (New Rendition)  Transcribed by Doming Lam
Piano: Colleen Lee

Harken Back to Zhou
    Chew Hee Chiat