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Social Commitment    Care and Concern

The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra launched the ‘Music for Love’ Scheme in 2005 with the purpose of allowing all members of the community the opportunity to share the beauty of Chinese music in a live setting. Since then, many secondary, primary students, NGOs underprivileged groups and families have had the opportunity to attend our concerts, thanks to the generous donations from various quarters. We are certain that experiences like this would enable them to widen their vistas in the arts and develop an interest in Chinese culture.

Music soothes and helps us to relax. In a congested, fast-paced city like ours, it provides breathing spaces, and improves the quality of life. The “Music for Love” scheme has won the approval of various sectors and the Government of Hong Kong. Please help us in our efforts in making Chinese music accessible to all, and together we can create a more close-knit society, with music as an excellent bond.