Music for Tranquility of Mind

Music for Tranquility of Mind

2007-5 (Performed by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra)


Conductor: Yan Huichang

Music for Tranquility of Mind

Prescription 1: A tonifying recipe

Green Lake in Spring Morning
Zheng Solo
Song of the Homebound Fishermen
Zheng: Luo Jing
Autumn Moon on a Placid Lake

Prescription 2: A diaphoretic recipe

In Celebration of Good Times
A Joyful Time
Full Moon and Blossoming Flower
Pluked-strings Ensemble
The Jingling of Camel Bells

Prescription 3: A carminative recipe

The Dragon Boat Race
Drums in Celebration of a Bumper Harvest
Golden Snake Dance

Prescription 4: A moistening recipe

Moonlight over Spring River
The Moon over Mountain Guan
Symphonic Poem
The Sound of Water (Excerpts) 2nd Movement: The Lake
Guqin: Yu Mei-lai