Yang Yifang

Yang Yifang (AdVobTiob)

Yang Yifang is a famous singer of the Miao ethnic group. She was the runner-up in CCTV's Exotic and Dazzling - Top Singer Challenge for Ethnic Minority Groups.

Yang can be seen in many of the publicity trailers produced by the Tourism Board of Guizhou. She is also the lead actress in the film, Dad, I Will Rescue You and in the song-and-dance drama, Shooting the Back Plate, an award-winning production of the 6th National Minorities Culture and Arts Festival of Guizhou Province. Yang participated in CCTV's Yuelai Yuehao Spring Festival Gala live broadcast and the special performance of the Sui Ethnic Group in the Exotic and Dazzling show series. Other television appearances include the New Year’s Eve Variety Show, CCTV-6’s youth reality show, and the pre-recorded shows of other music programmes. Yang attended the show at the CeBIT Expo (Center for Office Automation, Information Technology and Telecommunication) in Hanover, Germany, in March 2015. It was followed by the Closing Ceremony of the Global Fundraising Conference in October the same year. The rest of the year saw her appearing in several television shows on China Hunan TV and China Jiangsu TV, such as Day Day Up, Who’s Still Standing etc.  Yang is a popular endorser in many official capacities in China.