Lee Hsiao-Pin

Lee Hsiao-Pin is the recipient of the Fifteenth Annual National Award for Arts in Taiwan. He graduated from the former Lu Guang Drama Experimental School of the Taiwan Arts Academy (now the National Taiwan University of Arts), and holds a Master’s degree in Directing from the Graduate School for Theatre Arts of the Taipei National University of the Arts. He won a Director’s Award in Chinese Traditional Theatre presented by the Chinese Writers’ & Artists’ Association in Taiwan in 1995. He was the producer of the Opening Ceremony of the World Games 2009 Kaohsiung and the producer and consultant to the Opening Ceremony of the XXIX Summer Universiade held in Taiwan in 2017. He was a member of the Lu Kuang Opera Troupe and the National Fu Hsing Dramatic Arts Academy (now the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts). He is also a founding member of the Contemporary Legend Theatre of Taiwan. Lee is therefore known for his consummate directorial skills and creative input in the crossover productions of traditional and modern theatre.

His directorial track record include GuoGuang Opera Company’s Liao Tianding, Emperor Li Shimin and Wei Zhen, The Butterfly Lovers, the Peking Opera experimental theatre production of Farewell My Concubine – In Search of a Lost Afternoon, Mr Goodman Dumps His Wife, Whispers at the Tombstone and many more. Recent directing engagements include the new Kunju opera, The Peony Pavilion 2012 (2012), Fate of the Palace Maids for the Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe (2013), the new Peking Opera production Bosom Friends for the Shanghai Grand Theatre (2014), the contemporary Kunqu productions Blossoms on a Spring Moonlit Night (2015) and I, Hamlet (2016). They have won him critical acclaim and placed him in the forefront of theatre directors in both mainland China and Taiwan. The Gaojia Opera production, The Rice Granary (2016), which he directed, won a Five ‘One’ Project Award.