43rd Orchestral Season

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Zero Distance from The World (Cancelled)

Date and Time
20‒21/3/2020 (Fri, Sat) 8:00 pm
Sheung Wan Civic Centre Lecture Hall
Ticket Fee
Artistic Advisor
Chew Hee Chiat
Performed by
Eco-Erhu: Chang Se-han
Zhongruan: Wu Man-lin
Programme Coordinator: Chang Se-han
With music, you get wings! Come fly with us around the world!Ride on the huqin of Chang Se-han, the zhongruan of Wu Man-lin and the HKCO Ensemble, you will cross straits and oceans, and travel in the boundless soundscape of the earth.

Cancellation of ‘Zero Distance from The World’ Concert

In view of the ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus and community transmission of the virus is occurring, for the health and safety of our participating artists, audiences and colleagues, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra announces that its ‘Zero Distance from The World’ concert scheduled to be held on 20-21 March 2020 has been cancelled to reduce the risk of the coronavirus’ spread in the community.  We are making every effort to schedule a date for the concert. Details will be announced on HKCO’s website.  We apologize for the inconvenience caused. For ticket refund details, please visit https://bit.ly/37TIBQy.

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Eco-Erhu, Eco-Zhonghu, Zhongruan and Percussion The Other Shore Chang Se-han (Hong Kong Premiere)

Eco-Erhu: Chang Se-han
Eco-Zhonghu: Li Xiaoding
Zhongruan: Wu Man-lin
Percussion: Huang Hsuan-ning


Qinqin and Yangqin Dao-Chui-Lian Guangdong Music Arr. by Yan Laolie

Qinqin: Wu Man-lin
Yangqin: Lee Meng-hsueh


Eco-Erhu and Yangqin Grapes are Ripe Zhou Wei

Eco-Erhu: Chang Se-han
Yangqin: Lee Meng-hsueh


Zhongruan Solo Nostalgic Thoughts on the Grassland  Lin Jiliang

Zhongruan: Wu Man-lin


Eco-Erhu and Yangqin Qin Feng Jin Wei

Eco-Erhu: Chang Se-han 
Yangqin: Lee Meng-hsueh


Eco-Erhu, Zhongruan and Ensemble Drunk in Duma Yuwen Peng and Alex Wu Arr. by Diao Peng (Arrangement commissioned by the HKCO / Premiere)

Eco-Erhu: Chang Se-han  
Zhongruan: Wu Man-lin


Ruan Trio Asturias (Leyenda) Isaac Albeniz  Arr. by Chen Ting-fang (Arrangement commissioned by the HKCO / Premiere)

Zhongruan: Wu Man-lin, Fung Yin Lam

Daruan: Hsu Tzu Wei

The United States

Zhongruan and Plucked Strings Zhongruan Rock N' Roll Sun Pei-Li

Zhongruan: Wu Man-lin


Eco-Erhu and Eco-Huqin Csárdás Vittorio Monti Arr. by Chang Se-han (Arrangement commissioned by the HKCO / Premiere)

Eco-Erhu: Chang Se-han


Eco-Erhu and Eco-Huqin The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires–Spring Astor Piazzolla Arr. and Orch. by Chang Se-han (Arrangement commissioned by the HKCO / Premiere)

Eco-Erhu: Chang Se-han

Eco-Erhu, Zhongruan and Ensemble Ach, du lieber Augustin Wiwi Kuan

Eco-Erhu: Chang Se-han

Zhongruan: Wu Man-lin