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A Historic Dialogue - The Symphonic Chinese Music of Zhao Jiping

The Distinguished

Date and Time
12-13/4/2019 (Fri, Sat)
8:00 pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$170, $220, $280, $350
Yan Huichang
Performed by
Composer: Zhao Jiping
Soprano: Zhang Ningjia
Pipa: Wu Man
Chorus: Hong Kong City Choir
Zhao Jiping, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Musicians’ Association, is a famous composer whose works have opened up a window between China and the world. In this concert, the HKCO will be joined by pipa virtuoso Wu Man and Professor (Vocal Music) of the Xi’an Conservatory of Music, Zhang Ningjia, to visit Zhao’s enchanting world of poetry and music.

Festival at Chang'an  Zhao Jiping and Lu Rirong

Soprano and Orchestra Three Quaint Tunes - Ancient Charm of Tang Style Zhao Jiping (Premiere of the Chinese Orchestral Version)                  

     Reflections in the Quiet of the Night Poem by Li Bai of Tang        

     Farewell to Dong Tinglan Poem by Gao Shi of Tang Set to Music by Yang Yibo        

     Tang-Duo-Ling - Parting with Sorrow Ci Poem by Wu Wenying of Song   Orch. by Alfred Wong

Soprano: Zhang Ningjia

Pipa Concerto No. 2 Zhao Jiping (Premiere of the Chinese Orchestral Version)

Pipa: Wu Man

The Feng, Ya, Song Symphony  (Inspired by The Book of Songs)  Zhao Jiping  (Work commissioned by the China Federation of Literary Art Circles and Chinese Musicians' Association / Hong Kong Premiere)        

      The first movement: Chorus and Orchestra  Prelude – Song (Eulogy)        

      Chorus: Hong Kong City Choir        

      The second movement: Female Voice and Orchestra  Guan Ju        

      Vocal: Zhang Ningjia        

      The third movement: The Mythical Bird        

      The fourth movement: Soprano and Orchestra  Melody of the Secluded Orchid        

      Soprano: Zhang Ningjia        

      The fifth movement: Chorus and Orchestra  Guo Feng        

      Chorus: Hong Kong City Choir

Backstage Tour
Date: 13/4/2019 (Sat)
Time: 7pm
Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall

Free Admission. Quota is limited. First come first served.
Reservation:3185 1647