43rd Orchestral Season

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The Neon City

Date and Time
19/6/2020 (Fri) 8:00 pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre
Ticket Fee
$220, $280
Rupert Woo Pak Tuen
Artistic Advisor
Chew Hee Chiat
Performed by
Pipa: Belle Shiu
Suona, Dagan of Northeastern China: Wu Chun Hei
Double Suona: Wu Chun Hei, Kwan Lok Tin
Double Bangu, Percussion: Huang Hsuan-ning
Eco-Bass Gehu: Tam Shu Kiu
Programme Coordinator: Belle Shiu, Wu Chun Hei
Theatre Devising and Stage Design: Tam Hung-man, Alex (Special appearance by permission of Theatre Ronin)
Lighting Design:Wong Ka-ki
Ticket on Sales Date: 17/4/2020

Along a line, you are born; along a line, I go out like a light. When the neon lights cross paths, we will be able to meet in a dream.

The programming concept of this concert is inspired by the novel Intersection, written by Lau Yee-cheung, ‘Father of modern literature of Hong Kong’. The suona and pipa are transformed into two bands of light, weaving in and out of the story to create the pattern of sounds. When time and space are reversed, the past is not past and the future is yet to materialize, are we looking at destiny, or opportunity?


Pipa Solo A New Interpretation of Liuyao in Yu Mode Yang Jieming

Pipa: Belle Shiu

Suona Solo A Spray of Flowers Folk Music of Shandong Arr. by Ren Tongxiang

Suona: Wu Chun Hei         
Sheng Accompaniment: Huang Yu-hsuan

Pipa Solo Verdant Scene Dotted with Floating Flowers Ancient Tune   Notated by Cao Anhe  Performance score of Liu Dehai

Pipa: Belle Shiu

Dagan of Northeastern China and Ensemble Our Love for the Land We Call Home Arr. by Song Lichun Instrumentation by Zhu Yi Compiled by Guo Yazhi
Dagan of Northeastern China: Wu Chun Hei

Pipa Solo King Chu Doffs His Armour Ancient Tune Notated by Li Tingsong Adapted by Liu Dehai

Pipa: Belle Shiu

Double Suona and Double Bangu Nai-Lou-Baan Ng King-pan
Double Suona: Wu Chun Hei, Kwan Lok Tin
Double Bangu: Huang Hsuan-ning

For Pipa Solo Let’s Snap! Chow Jun Yi

Pipa: Belle Shiu 

Percussion Accompaniment: Huang Hsuan-ning    

Eco-Bass Gehu Accompaniment: Tam Shu Kiu

Suona Concerto Another Way Ma Man-ki

Suona: Wu Chun Hei

Pipa Concerto Dress of Clouds, Face of Flowers Wang Danhong

Pipa: Belle Shiu

For Suona, Pipa and Chinese Orchestra  The Neon City Chow Jun Yi (Commissioned by the HKCO / World Premiere)

Suona: Wu Chun Hei

Pipa: Belle Shiu