41st Orchestral Season

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Lu Siqing Plays The Butterfly Lovers

Mong Man Wai Mong Pui Yee Perlie Charitable Foundation proudly supports
Dr William Mong 90th Birthday Concert

Date and Time
8-9/12/2017 (Fri, Sat)
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$150, $200, $260, $320
Yan Huichang
Performed by
Violin: Lu Siqing

The tragedy of Butterfly Lovers poignantly retold

Lu Siqing, world-class violinist dubbed the ‘Paganini of the East’ whose interpretation of The Butterfly Lovers has been described as the best by international media, and brought tears to the original co-composers, Chen Gang and He Zhanhao. Out of the forty plus versions of The Butterfly Lovers violin concerto now in circulation, Lu’s is rated the best and has sold for over a million. This upcoming concert is definitely not to be missed  hear him live on a prized violin!


A Beautiful Night Liu Tianhua Arr. and orch. by Yan Huichang

Ambush from All Sides Ancient Melody  Arr. by Liu Wenjin and Zhao Yongshan

Violin and orchestra Tambourin Chinois, Op. 3. Fritz Kreisler  Adapted by Simon Kong Su Leong

Violin and Orchestra Song of the Homebound Fishermen Ancient Melody Arr. by Yan Huichang

Violin and orchestra The Sun Shines on Taxkorgan Arr. by Chen Gang Orch. by Chung Yiu-kwong

Sketches of a Dong Village (Suite) (Excerpts) Zhao Yongshan
The first movement: The Pipa Song
The second movement: Floating Logs

Violin Concerto The Butterfly Lovers He Zhanhao and Chen Gang Arr. by He Zhanhao