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In Memory Of Zhu Jian’er

the Most Prolific Composer of Contemporary Chinese Music

Date and Time
6/6/2020 (Sat) 8:00 pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$170, $220, $280, $350
Chen Xieyang
Performed by
Suona: Hu Chenyun
Cello: Tung Hiu Lo
Ticket on Sales Date: 3/4/2020

From his first orchestral composition Festival Overture while studying abroad, to his many symphonic masterpieces in his later years, the late MaestroZhu Jian’er stands as the unshakable cornerstone in the history of contemporary Chinese symphonic music. But apart from this musical genre, the Maestro has also left behind a treasure trove of works covering orchestral, chamber, folk instrumental, choral and dance drama music. Among them, many have become timeless classics. The fruit of his work, in both volume and range, is virtually unrivalled.

Chen Xieyang, who had been a partner in music making with the maestro for two decades, will conduct the HKCO and suona virtuoso Hu Chenyun, as a tribute to this trailblazer of Chinese symphonic music!


Festival Overture (Op.10)  Zhu Jian’er Transcribed by Zha Taiyuan

Lullaby (The third movement of Fishermen's Song of the South Sea Suite No. 1, Op. 16)  Zhu Jian’er  Transcribed by Chen Xieyang
Cello: Tung Hiu Lo

Suona Concerto Ecstasy of Nature (Op. 30) Zhu Jian’er Transcribed by Chen Xieyang
Suona: Hu Chenyun

A Sorrowful Tune (Fishermen's Song of the South Sea Suite No. 2, Op. 17)  Zhu Jian'er

Sketches of the Guizhou Ranges (Op.23)  Zhu Jian’er
The first movement: The Lusheng Festival Contest
The second movement: The Old Man Who Plays the Vertical Xiao
The third movement: Serenade on a Moonlight Night
The fourth movement: A Feastday
Pre-Concert Talk

Date: 6/6/2020 (Sat) 

Time: 6:45pm