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HKCO4U - The Orchid After The Rain (Cancelled)

Date and Time
12/2/2022 (Sat) 8:00 pm
HKCO Recital Hall
Ticket Fee
Performed by
Programme Coordinator, Xiaoruan, Liuqin: Chen I-ling
Dizi, Xiao: Wu Chih-ting
Ensemble Concert

*Cancellation of HKCO4U – ‘The Orchid After The Rain’ 

In view of the ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus, for the health and safety of our participating artists, audiences and colleagues, the concert scheduled to be held on 12 February 2022 at HKCO Recital Hall will be cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Details of refund arrangement will be announced soon. Thank you for your support!

Inquiries: 3185 1600 / inquiries@hkco.org

In the courtyard after the rain, the secluded orchid blooms in spring. Listen to the wonderful notes in the air, coming out of Chinese plucked strings and winds! 
This concert features two virtuosi of the HKCO – Chen I-ling (xiaoruan, liuqin) and Wu Chih-ting (dizi, xiao) in an ingenious combination of crystalline sounds. Like fairies, they sprinkle sparkling notes in the balmy spring breeze, and lead the audience on a tour of flowering bushes after the rain.