42nd Orchestral Season

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Capturing Images + Chinese Music

HKCO Virtuosi

Date and Time
28/6/2019 (Fri)
8:00 pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre
Ticket Fee
$220, $280
Performed by
Programme Coordinator, Eco-Erhu, Vocal and Recitation: Hui Yin
Conductor: Rupert Woo Pak Tuen
Banhu: Xu Hui
Eco-Erhu: Zhou Yi, Chang Se-han
Pipa: Zhang Ying
Zheng: Luo Jing

Hui Yin, HKCO’s Zhonghu Assistant Principal, invites you to join him to roam among his excelled forms of art – poetry, photography and music. With a PhD in Classical Literature from the Peking University, he is also a seasoned photographer and a poet.


Alto Banhu Solo Shandong Tunes Arr. by Yuan Ye and He Huajun Orch. by Liu Mingyuan
Banhu: Xu Hui

Erhu Solo Meditation during Confinement in Sickness Liu Tianhua Orch. by Zhou Yaokun
Eco-Erhu: Zhou Yi

Erhu Solo A Moonlit Night Liu Tianhua Accompaniment Arr. by Zhou Yaokun
Eco-Erhu: Hui Yin

Erhu Solo Flickering of Red Candles Liu Tianhua  Orch. by Xu Jingxin
Eco-Erhu: Chang Se-han

Apricot Blossoms Against a Blue Sky (from Five Poems by Jiang Baishi for Chamber Quartet and Vocal) Yao Henglu Lyrics by Jiang Kui (SongDynasty)
Vocal: Hui Yin
Eco-Erhu: Chang Se-han
Yangqin: Chang Chia-hsiang
Pipa: Zhang Ying
Zheng: Luo Jing

Pipa Solo Moonlight on the Spring River Ancient Tune       
Pipa: Zhang Ying

Vocal and Orchestra Night on the Grassland Tian Ge Lyrics by Zhang Jiayi Arr. by Chew Hee Chiat

Vocal: Hui Yin

Zheng Solo Fish Hawks Dabbling in the Water Chaozhou Music
Zheng: Luo Jing

Recitation and Orchestra The Story of the Pipa Gu Guanren Poem by Bai Juyi (Tang Dynasty)
Recitation: Hui Yin