40th Orchestral Season

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The Dislinguished

Bridging the glorious dynasties of ancient China and Hong Kong

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Date and Time
8:00 pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$100, $160, $260, $390
Yan Huichang
Performed by
Time Traveller: Chen Xinyi
Erhu: Yang Xue
Dizi: Sun Yongzhi
Performed by: HKYCO, Music Office, HKJCO
Advisors: Qiao Jianzhong, Wang Shuanghuai
Costume Design: Zhu Jun
Scenography: Ji Qiao

An amazing journey to traverse three millennia of history, from dynastic China to cosmopolitan Hong Kong

To mark the occasion of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra’s upcoming 40th season, we have prepared a magnificent vista that transcends time and space. The theme is to bridge the glorious dynasties of ancient China – Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang – with Hong Kong of today. The four dynasties may well be the most glorious age of Chinese civilization: Zhou has given China The Book of Rites, The Book of Changes, and the inspiring schools of thoughts of the ancient philosophers; Qin unified the Central Plains and set uniform systems in writing, weights and measures; Han sent the first envoys to the West, a feat that opened up the links between China and the rest of the world; and Tang was the most open-minded, all-embracing “golden age”, whether in terms of politics, economy or culture. Yet, as we look back at history, we are amazed to discover that as an East-West hub and a cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong has all the attributes of those golden eras: it is open to all cultures, willing to serve as a platform for exchange, and can merge all kinds of elements seamlessly into an eclectically interesting social tapestry. To help realize our programming concept of universal cultural exchange, we have invited four composers with different backgrounds and commissioned them to compose a piece each.  The result is a riveting soundscape. In Harken Back to Zhou*, Malaysia-born Chew Hee Chiat delineates his imaginings on rites and music of ancient Zhou, with an embedded message on how the transition from Western Zhou to Eastern Zhou may throw light on modern Hong Kong; Reflections on Qin for erhu and orchestra by Cheng Dazhao, National Class One Composer from China, is a modern man’s review of the rise and fall of this short-lived yet powerful regime; Travelling West (on the Han Dynasty) by Lao Luo from Germany follows the Han envoy, Zhang Qian, as he goes west and paves the way for the later Silk Road; and Tang Resonating* by Ng Cheuk-yin from Hong Kong reproduces the zenith of an age of cultural and artistic interface through his New Music style. Taking us on this time travel is Chen Xinyi, National Class One Stage Director, who will wisely point out to us how we can relate and be enlightened by the dynastic glories of those four eras. For the last item on the programme, the Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra and Hong Kong Junior Chinese Orchestra will join the HKCO in a symbolic “passing of the torch”. 

*Commissioned by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in 2016 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund.


  • 18/9/2016, 3pm
  • Theatre, Middle Zone, Jao Tsung-I Academy
  • Speakers: Wang Shuanghuai & Chow Fan Fu 
  • $80, $60 (Members of JTIA and FoHKCO)
  • Inquiries & Registration:3185 1647

Jao Tsung-I Academy Exhibition

  • 15/8-10/9/2016
  • G/F Block G, Middle Zone, Jao Tsung-I Academy

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Exhibition

  • 10/9 - 24/9/2016
  • Foyer Exhibition Area, Hong Kong Cultural Centre


Harken Back to Zhou*

(Commissioned by the HKCO / World Premiere)

Chew Hee Chiat 

Erhu and Orchestra  Reflections on Qin
(Commissioned by the HKCO / World Premiere)
Cheng Dazhao    Erhu: Yang Xue

Dizi Concerto  Travelling West (on the Han Dynasty)
(Commissioned by the HKCO / World Premiere)
Lao Luo    Dizi: Sun Yongzhi

Tang Resonating*

(Commissioned by the HKCO / World Premiere)
Ng Cheuk-yin

*Commissioned by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in 2016 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund

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