39th Orchestral Season

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39th Orchestral Season

A legacy of Exotic Lyricism

As the Winds Blow and Percussion Sound II

Date and Time
Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre
Ticket Fee
$180 $250
Artistic Advisor:Yim Hok-man
Performed by
Programme Coordinator: Law Hang-leung
Performed by HKCO Wind and Percussion Ensemble

Folk entertainment through vivid sounds

Wind-and-percussion music is very much a part of everyday life of common folks in China. It can be heard in weddings, birthday parties, celebration for newborns, bumper harvests, on feastdays etc. Its melodic variations come from different indigenous communities as well as from the evolution over time with input from modern music-makers. In this concert curated by HKCO's Law Hang-leung, an outstanding figure on the local Chinese music scene, the HKCO Wind and Percussion Ensemble will perform not only music of various regions of China, distinguished by the indigenous colours, but also new arrangements of In the Mood and Theme of the Pioneers by Hong Kong composer, Alfred Wong to let you feel the age-old yet timeless energetic vibes of Chinese wind-and percussion music!