42nd Orchestral Season

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International Arts Carnival
A Musical Treasure Hunt III - Who’s Singing in the Bamboo Grove?

Chinese Music for the Family

Date and Time
27/7/2019 (Sat)
8:00 pm
28/7/2019 (Sun)
3:00 pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$170, $220, $280, $350
Quek Ling Kiong (Resident Conductor of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra)
Performed in Putonghua and supplemented with Cantonese
Duration: 1 hour without intermission
Children under age 3 will not be admitted
And now, the third round of musical treasure hunt is on! This time the clues are dropped by the wind instruments in Chinese music. Hunt leader ‘Mr Quek’ – or Quek Ling Kiong, Resident Conductor of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra – invites you to jump on board. Come on, how can you miss the fun?


Tutti A Musical Adventure II Tan Kah Yong 

The oldest flute:

Gudi and Orchestra Primitive Safari (Excerpts) Qian Zhaoxi  

The tiniest flute:

Koudi and Orchestra Morning on Miao Mountains  Arr. by Bai Chengren 

The bamboo flute brothers:

Double Di Concerto The Grasshopper Teasing the Cockerel (Excerpts) Chen Chung-Shen 

The reed-pipe family:

Tutti  Donkey Donkey / My Little Donkey Arr. by Chew Hee Chiat 

Sheng Quartet Suite from Miyazaki Hayao’s Animation Pictures Joe Hisaishi Arr. by Wu Hsi-Feng

Suona and Orchestra  Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix (Excerpts) 

Mr. Extraordinary - The Multi-talented Wind Expert

Wangong Di (U-pipe flute), Paixiao (pan pipe), Xiao (end-blown flute), Bawu (flute with reed), Hulusi (free reed instrument with a gourd wind chest), Xun (ocarina) and Orchestra   Winds in the Bamboo Grove Arr. by Phang Kok Jun 


Tutti Song for Little Angels (Excerpts) Arr. by Sim Boon Yew

Backstage Tour


27/7/2019 (Sat)  7pm

28/7/2019 (Sun)  2pm

Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall

Free Admission. Quota is limited. First come first served.

Reservation:3185 1647