45th Orchestral Season

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A Legacy of Exotic Lyricism

Date and Time
22-23/4/2022 (Fri, Sat) 8:00 pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre
Ticket Fee
$280, $220 (Ticket will be available on 22/2/2022)
Performed by
Programme Coordinator:Yim Hok Man
Qudi: Sun Yongzhi
Suona, Guanzi, Whistle: Liu Hai
Banhu: Xu Hui
Sanxian: Zhao Taisheng
Percussion: Luk Kin Bun
MC: Chin Kwok Wai
Ensemble Concert
Cantonese music is a characterful genre of South China with its inflections of elements passed down the ages, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign. The HKCO Folk Music Ensemble brings to you the distinctly vernacular ensemble music of Puxian of Fujian, The Temple Fair; and the string quintets of Xiao-Ban and A Joyful Evening. In Three in Confrontation, which is taken from a northern Shanxi clapper opera, the suona, guanzi and whistle  are personified in the roles of hualian (painted face), xusheng (bearded male), and qingyi (virtuous female) as they engage in a dramatic dialogue. The solo performance of Hua-Bang-Zi and The Flying Partridges would demonstrate the wonderful variety of classics in Cantonese music.