Wong Lok Ting

Wong Lok Ting is currently Huqin Co-Principal and Gaohu Principal of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. She won a Special Award in Erhu Specialism – Youth Section, at the first Ethnic Musical Instruments Solo Competition in China in 2002. She went on to win many prizes at the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival when she was in secondary school, including the first prize in Banhu, Erhu and Gaohu (Advanced) as well as the First Hugo Prize for Chinese Instrumental Solo.

Wong trained in Chinese Music at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Music in 2001. She majored in erhu and minored in banhu under the tutelage of Tong Leung-tak, and another minor in guqin under Leung Lai-wan. She continued her postgraduate studies in gaohu under Yu Qiwei and was awarded a Master’s degree in Music in 2012.

In the HKCO 2012 concert ‘In the Vernacular of Chinese Strings’, Wong performed solo in Birds Returning to the Woods, The Toll of the Temple Bells, In the Deep of the Night, The Caravan Merchants – from Going Upriver at the Qingming Festival, and won critical acclaim for her insightful interpretation of the vernacular styles and tones of this diverse repertoire. In the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra concert, ‘A National Day Celebration’ in 2013, she gave an erhu solo performance of The Chinese Wall. It was followed by the HKCO concert in the same year, ‘Surf’s Up!’, in which she gave an infectiously romantic and heart-melting interpretation of The Butterfly Lovers in a gaohu concerto. Over the years, Wong’s performance of Cantonese music, whether as lead or solo, at the HKCO concerts, has been capturing the hearts of the audience. One recent example is her interpretation of Shuang-Sheng-Hen at the ‘Xia Feiyun at 80 – A Tribute Concert’ in 2016.