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New Concepts, New Instruments, A New Level and a New Realm
- The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra’s Eco-huqin Series
Yuen Shi-chun 

The HKCO Eco-Huqin Series consists of the eco-gaohu, the eco-erhu, the eco-zhonghu, the eco-gehu and the eco-bass gehu. These are a range of instruments improved on environmentally friendly concepts and the research and manufacture involved took four years. They are now used, on a trial basis, as standard instruments by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. As a cultural ambassador of Hong Kong, the Orchestra has a busy performing schedule and is expected to maintain a high standard at all times. Product testing and the artists’ virtuosity have been, therefore, understandably under tremendous stress. Thanks to the support of the Council, the experience, acumen and adventurous spirit of the Artistic Director, the unreserved facilitation of the Executive Director, and the dedicated teamwork of all at HKCO in terms of repeated testing of the new products and offering of suggestions for improvement, the new instrument series is ready for the music world.
The main emphasis in the reformation of the gaohu, the erhu and the zhonghu is on scientific and innovative improvement and expansion of the physical capabilities of these instruments, while preserving their traditional timbre and mode of performance. As for the gehu and the bass gehu, attempt is made, bearing in mind the overall sound structure of the entire orchestra, to recreate bowed ethnic instruments suitable for use in a modern Chinese orchestra. The development of these two instruments is based on the tonal needs of the orchestra as a whole.
The eco-huqins have been created out of the marriage of the preservation of traditions and innovative ideas. They are the product of a creative cultural industry in Hong Kong, and the research leading to their manufacture is closely guided by the ecological trends of our time. They are representative of our unyielding spirit to innovate in order to reach the twin goals of environmental protection and artistic excellence.

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